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Soviet - Mission 14

There are several mines in the area, so only move your units straight up and down, and not to the east or the west. Concentrate fire on the light tanks, artillery, then medium tanks. Deploy your MCV. You can check for mines in the vicinity of your base by constructing a building, and moving the white placement markers around your perimeter. If a square within your placement marker turns red for no apparent reason, there is a mine under that square.

Group your mammoth tanks together as an air defense system. Destroy the other enemy units using your heavy tanks. Don't wander into the mines. Defeat the Allied vehicles that approach from the south and from the west. Destroy the turrets guarding the bridge north of your base with V2 rockets.

Get a weapons factory and repair bay quickly, and create tank units. Scatter two or three SAM sites around your base. The Allies will make constant landings at certain points on your shore. Block their landing sites with heavy tanks. Scout the rest of your land mass with a heavy tank.

Construct a subpen and build a wolfpack of submarines and a transport. Scout the eastern contours of your island. Some cruisers will open fire on your base. Build an airfield in the north-eastern corner of your base as a cruiser fire sponge. Sink the cruiser with your wolfpack. If the cruiser is close enough to shore, V2 rockets will also work well. Take your wolf pack north, and destroy any other naval units, the naval yard and a large section of bridge.

The enemy ore trucks will start coming down to your island to gather ore. The loss of their ore trucks will be the deathblow to the Allies, so take them out any way you can. For best results, place your mammoth tanks in the middle of the ore patch and wait for the trucks. The Allies will end up sending six or seven trucks, so be prepared to wait a while before they run out of money.

Run a large group of heavy tanks up the bridge north of your base. Concentrate your fire on the turrets, and try to squish the rocket infantry. Take out the power plants.

Run more heavy tanks up the western side of the island and take out the power plants, but leave the AA guns and construction yard intact.

Time to assault the base. The enemy helicopters are painful, but the base lacks AA guns in the west part of the base. Send an infantry squishing heavy tank up into the base from the western side. Render it invulnerable using the Iron Curtain, and run over the rocket infantry. If you're lucky, the cruisers will end up destroying much of their own forces.

To take out the cruisers, take out their destroyer escorts from land. The channel is narrow enough for several heavy tanks to get good shots at the destroyers. Then, the cruisers can be sunk by either MiG or Hind helicopter.

Put 10 heavy tanks and 5 V2 launchers into transports. Send them north through the east channel, and make landfall on the strip of beach. Move the V2s north to the very edge of the cliff, and destroy more power plants. Move west, eliminating everything you can see until the very last Allied unit and structure is gone.




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