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Allies - Mission 4 'Operation Last Chance'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Force a shore landing and establish a base.
  • Objective 2: Destroy the Psychic Amplifier before it comes online.

Pre-amble: Well, depends just how much fighting you want to do. This walkthru hardly has any. My solution uses a hole in the Soviet defense. I wonder if Westwood deliberately left it there? But it is, so why not use it? Oh, and forget Objective 1. You do not need to destroy their units or bases nor make a landing.

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: Remember, against the Soviets, air power is king. Also, if you don't have a base, the Soviets don't tend to attack, so if you don't start with a base, think carefully before building one, even if you have an MCV.

Comments on the Map/Mission: Why did Westwood give you those Rocketeers and no base to start with? You might be forgiven for thinking the Rocketeers were to help you get past the French Grand Cannons at the harbor entrance, but I had a suspicion they were just to divert your thinking. Also, when Westwood really want you to make a landing, the Amphibious Transports tend to land and deploy without a bye or leave, so why don't they here? Ah, I hear you say, those Grand Cannons again.

Building/unit construction order: None!

Attack Strategy: Move the Rocketeers as a group northwards to the top of the map, then due West. As you pass over McBurger Kong, you will come under fire. Retreat the group back East and then turn back on the pursuing Flak Track and destroy it. You need to do this to avoid the Flak Cannon lurking ahead. Now full steam West past the Flak Cannon. The Psychic Amplifier will be revealed. You may have only one Rocketeer left at this stage. If you cannot target the Amplifier because you can't see its base, dip the Rocketeer down and then back again.

His anchor point should be between the second and third bushes on the riverside (counting left to right). He can then hover here taking pot shots at the Psychic Amplifier, which eventually explodes. The Soviets can't see him.

Mission over. As EVA says, the Soviets didn't know you were there!




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