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Allies - Mission 5 'Operation Dark Night'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Infiltrate the Soviet Battle Lab.
  • Objective 2: Neutralize the 2 Soviet Nuclear Missile Silos.

Pre-amble: Westwood really want you to do this mission properly - the Missile Silo's aren't on the map when you start, only when you've achieved Objective 1 do you get more map to the North.

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: You have two ways of doing this, go through the base (wasting time destroying it) or use a mountain pass to sneak round the back.

Comments on the Map/Mission: A mountain pass that bypasses the main base? That must be the way to go. And there is a Grizzly captured, ready for you to free, which is on your way. And then the message about using spies to take the Tesla Reactors down, real cute. Ignore the advice. My assumption is you have a genuine copy of the game and got the small booklet that told you this anyway, so why would Eva tell you again? It's a distraction.

Building/unit construction order: None!

Attack Strategy: You only need one spy and none of the GI's. Leave them to die! Disguise your spy (for example, as a Tesla trooper - there are some nearby to copy) and head Tanya and the spy North East. Take out the conscript, then head West to skirt the south edge of a farm (with cows in the field). Head North East and take out the dog and conscripts. Keep an eye out for more. You should now see some barrels outside the North West wall of the Soviet base - blow up by shooting them. Get Tanya in and kill off the 2 guard dogs patrolling the inner perimeter. Send the spy to the Soviet Battle Lab, he's safe to go.

Get Tanya back out through the hole. Head West and go up the narrow mountain pass that swings round to the North East. Here you will find some crates, if you need them. Walk along the bank until you meet some cows, then swim North across the river. There may be a dog and conscript waiting (depends where they are on their patrol, so watch out). Head North East up the gully. You will find a base at the top. Head West and there is a compound with a Grizzly Tank and some GI's guarded by 2 conscripts and 2 dogs. Take them out and explode the barrel (stand well back in the trees to the South, or you'll get fried) to release the Grizzly.

Ignore the GI's. Take the Grizzly East and shoot out each segment of the wall to the South of the Tesla Reactor, then shoot through the wall to the Nuclear Missile Silo. Tanya will keep all Soviet units at bay and kill the dog and conscript guarding the silo, the tank can be left to finish off the Nuclear Missile Silo, while Tanya heads back down the gully.

Still keep an eye out for dogs and patrols, head East to the other base. Explode the barrels to get in the base, explode some more to gain access to the silo. Take out any dogs and conscripts that might stop you. Now C4 the silo.

Kaboom! They didn't see you coming. Given where the barrels were, and that a tank was left lying around, this must be how they wanted you to do it.




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