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Allies - Mission 7 'Operation Deep Sea'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy all Soviet forces.

Pre-amble: The funny thing is, when you've finished this mission, there are still some Soviet forces around, but the mission is officially over. As with many things in life, you just can't trust your superior officers to give you the real objective.

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: Rule number 123: If you've got a base and they are just starting to build theirs, get out there and kick ass. The quicker you attack, the less they have to defend with.

Building/unit construction order: You only need to build a Barracks and an Engineer, do this as close as you can to the bridge that needs repair. This bridge is located on the South corner of the Fort Bradley base.

Game Strategy: Get building 3 Rocketeers.
Sell pill boxes at either side of the harbor entrance, and your Naval Yard.

Move the Carriers and Cruisers to the far East of the Harbor, in the East channel. Move the Destroyers too, placing them one NE of the sunken Carrier to guard the approach from the Southern Channel, and 2 to guard the entrance from the Northern Channel. Placed here, subs will try to fire torpedo's at them but they will explode on the beach of the central island.

What you are going to do is try to save Niihau Island before it falls. As soon as each Rocketeer is finished, send him North West towards the South East tip of Niihau Island. As the first one arrives, you will see a smaller island with a sentry gun on it. Take this gun out - quickly! As each Rocketeer arrives, join in the fun. The Soviet CY is not up and built yet, so you win.

The rule to remember here is that victory goes to the fleetest of foot, not to he who digs and waits for the fight to come to him.




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