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Allies - Mission 8 'Operation Free Gateway'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy the Soviet Psychic Beacon.
  • Objective 2: Destroy all Soviet forces within St. Louis.
  • Objective 3: Don't get Tanya killed.

Pre-amble: At last, a real mission with some thinking needed. The 3 objectives are as required, but notice how it says nothing about building a base.

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: Think carefully about why you were given 2 engineers. At first, I though about rebuilding the abandoned Allied base in the South West corner of the map, but I then thought about it. First, almost all the forces you encounter are Allied units under Soviet mind control. If they are freed, you have quite a fighting force. Second, if you give the Soviets the chance, they will start building their own units. Don't let them, without the mind controlled Allied forces, their base is almost undefended.

Comments on the Map/Mission: You get 3 types of forces on starting; Tanya, GI's and Engineers. You also get $2050 to spend. The GI's are handy to leave garrisoned in buildings to mop up rogue Soviet units at the end. For some reason, a few units end up where you start off, so garrison the gas station to save coming back later. There is a long raised roadway going from where you land to the other side of the map, guarded only by two dopey mind controlled GI's.

And wouldn't you know it, someone left some of those toxic barrels lying around the Psychic Beacon base. A word of warning though, if you set out due West to take out the Psychic Beacon, you will stumble across a large Soviet base, with appropriate defenses. It won't take you long to realize you have to swing South of the base and then attack the Psychic Beacon from the South. What you may not spot is the ruins of an Allied base in the South West corner of the map. You don't need this, but it is there. Also, whilst Tanya won't be affected by the Psychic Beacon for a while, the GI's and engineers will fall under its control much quicker, so get a move on.

That means you have to complete objective 1 in under 10 minutes, in fact you can do the whole thing in that time. When you take out the Psychic Beacon, you will get lots of reinforcements, in two waves, along with an MCV (you have to deploy the MCV to get the second wave). The problem is, if you wait for as long as it takes to build and defend a new base, the Soviets will have amassed quite a force. Why not attack as soon as you can?

Game Play: Garrison a GI in the Gas Station and send one NNW to garrison a tall tower North of the demolished road bridge. Send Tanya, the other GI's and the engineers South West to go up the ramp on to the elevated roadway. As they walk along this roadway, two dopey mind controlled GI's walk past the other way. You may have to shoot them if they notice you!

Walking along, you will pass a wire fenced in area to the North. This is a landmark to note for later. Soon after this you can exit North off the roadway. Take one GI and the engineers due West to the edge of the map. Come back to these after Tanya takes out the Tesla Reactors. Head the remaining GI's North, along with Tanya. You will pass a Hospital. Garrison the GI's in the next building. A pesky mind controlled civilian will annoy Tanya (bad idea guy). Force the garrisoned building to shoot out the barrels outside the wall of the Psychic Beacon base (just by the Barracks). Kaboom!

Let Tanya and the garrisoned building take out any survivors and then take Tanya into the base to C4 the remaining two Tesla Reactors. Keep out of range of the Tesla Coil! As soon as the power is down, move back to the lone GI and engineers to the West. Get the GI to take out the civilian guard at the West gate and destroy the gate by firing on it. Take over the Tesla Reactors with the engineers and sell them. The GI plus the free two you get for selling the Reactors can destroy the Tesla Coil. As soon as they have taken over the Reactors, get Tanya to blow the Psychic Beacon and the Coils and Cannons.

You don't need the crate, nor Tanya, so leave her here. Remember, she can't die, or you lose.

Three Grizzlies that were mind controlled become yours, get them south ASAP. It is important you find them (use the radar map) before they fire on anything. If they do, the Soviets will be ready for your attack, which you don't want. The first wave of reinforcements arrive. Get the MCV to a place where it can be deployed (to the right of the arch) and deploy it. The second wave arrives - four more Prism Tanks.

Get the Grizzlies into one team, and the Prism tanks into another team. Three Desolators are heading your way, use the Prism tanks to kill them. Take the Grizzlies, followed by the Prism tanks, up the right (Eastern) side of the wire fenced compound. Blast straight through the base wall and destroy the Construction Yard, then beyond it the War Factory. The Prism tanks will do this in one blast. The Prism tanks will probably also take out the Barracks by accident - if not do it yourself. Then the Soviets will sell up. Use the Grizzlies to take out the Ore Miners, the Prism tanks for all troops.

Hopefully that is it. If the cheer doesn't go up quickly after a few seconds (it can take a while for the AI to accept you won so quick), look around on the radar map for red blobs and check them out.

You have completed the whole mission in a time faster than Westwood expected you to take getting Tanya to the Psychic Beacon!




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