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Allies - Mission 9 'Operation Sun Temple'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Capture or destroy any Soviet attempts to replicate our Prism technology.
  • Objective 2: Eradicate the Soviet base defending their research site.

Pre-amble: Your first chance to play with Navy Seals and they are awesome. Also your first look at hostile non-combatants (other civilians with handguns) Ė meet the alligators, they are not overly friendly! The objectives are clear and concise, but my advice is to capture the Prism Towers, your engineers can get them working, which the Soviets havenít been able to do.

Hints, Strategies and Tactics: None, other than move the helpful local forces to somewhere safe, and donít let the Night Hawk Transport helicopter land at the default location.

Comments on the Map/Mission: Send the Seals West, take out the patrol that is approaching from the South West. Head North West following a dirt track and then West to free the hostages and tanks. The Seals outrange any Soviet manpower Ė this is too easy.

Youíll come under attack as soon as the hostages are freed. Select and divert the chopper to the East. Use the tanks to take out the Flak Track, the Seals can deal with the rest. Un-deploy the GIís and move everybody South East to the slope heading onto the beach. Deploy the GIís there, and park the chopper behind them, deploy the engineers from the chopper, and make sure they stay put!

Locate the Seals and tanks here also. Take one Seal and 2 engineers back up the slope and sneak in the Soviet base through a hole at the East corner of the base. The Seal will have to act quickly to take out the defenders and dog patrols.

Capture the Tesla Reactor and Prism Tower and take out any approaching forces and nearby buildings. Reinforcements arrive. The other Prism tower is South of you - watch out for Tesla Troopers and Ore Miners. Capture this Prism Tower too, and any Tesla Reactors you need. You must take out the War Factory, Barracks and Construction Yard quickly, use a Seal, but expect to lose him. Their tanks will attack Ė some chance!

Send your tanks to take out the 2 sentry guns to the North West of the base Ė you may lose one. Send all the Seals out to destroy all the buildings.

C4 knocking at your door.




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