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GDI - Mission 13eb 'Yugoslavia'

Mission Objectives
Delphi's info decoded and Kane has been found. He is overseeing experiments at a Bio-research facility in this area. Destroy facility while we have him cornered. Build an Advanced Communications center to access the new Ion Cannon. It will greatly assist you in your objective.

Trevor Ruppe (
This is the same exact terrain as 13ea. It seems unlikely that Westwood would waste disk space on two of the same map, so I'm guessing in situations like this and GDI mission 5, where the maps are identical but the letter code is different, there must be variations in the strength of the enemy forces. That would seem to be the case here. The only difference between 13ea and 13eb that I could tell is that on 13ea, Nod parks 2 flame tanks at the blossom tree on the right side of the map. On 13eb, he doesn't park anything here (making this mission slightly easier than 13ea).




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