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GDI - Mission 15eb 'Bosnia/Herzogovina'

Mission Objectives
The Temple of Nod has been located. We are sure Kane is there. Destroy him, the temple, and any other remnant of Nod that exists there. Nod has been rumored to have completed its own nuclear device so it's do or die time. Let's do it!

Robert A. Hayden (
On that final mission, engineer-steal the power plant and hand of Nod, and then park an infantry right in the place where the obelisk would pop up. the computer is stupid and won't build with you standing there, and won't build somewhere else.

Brian Cornett (
The key to this level is endurance and patience; along with some quick mouse clicking. I must have played the first twenty minutes five times before I was able to get everything set up and not lose my Construction Site. The key is the very beginning.

First, when your MCV is unloaded, drive it immediately to the left edge of the screen. When your tank comes ashore, immediately put it between the construction yard and the flame tank. Not right in front of the MCV. Away from the MCV. Keep the flame tank away from the MCV. Once the flame tank begins to move toward the MCV, start moving it toward the bridge on the northeast corner of this little island. There will be two NOD bazooka infantries. Use the MCV to run over them. Once this is done, drive the MCV over the bridge and then left.

DEPLOY and begin building your base in the following order: Power plant, Refinery, Communications Center (CC), sandbags, Advance Guard Towers (AGT), and Advanced Communications Center (ACC).

Place the AGTs on the Northern and Eastern sides of your base. Use sandbags to build them away from your Base. The Eastern AGT should be placed on the northeast corner of the bridge. Sandbag across the bridge and disregard the island. (You'll find out why later.) Sandbag in the rest of your base leaving only space for the harvester to get in and out right by the northern AGT. Also, build a 3/4 concrete barrier around the AGTs in order to protect them from flame tanks. Make sure to repair them continuously while engaged in battle; especially when fighting flame tanks.

This is the point where your options begin to open up. If you can control their flow around your base, then you can slowly begin to expand outward. I decided to build a second Refinery to get the harvester and then sold the Refinery. Build a silo instead. they're cheaper. Keep building your power plants as well. The AGTs don't work without adequate power. Once you have enough money, build the Advanced Communications Center (away from your Construction Site). Sell your old CC. Let the clock start ticking.

After you build your ACC, build your barracks. Now your probably wondering why up to this point, I haven't built a Barracks or a Weapons Factory. Well, I didn't need either until I decided to go on the Offensive. Just prepare yourself with AGTs for their onslaught. Build one more AGT in the northeast corner of your base, and just be patient. When your harvesters are attacked, just move them back in and watch the AGTs do their job. Then go back out and harvest until there is nothing left in the Tiberium Field just north of the base. This is when you have to begin to take control.

Now build your Barracks and your Weapons Factory. Then build one to two (1-2) APC and ten (10) grenadiers.

Tell your Harvesters to stay put for moment. Use the mini gunners you got out of the Refinery and the CC and explore the area to the north and north east. Don't explore to the East yet. Begin placing sandbags north along the bottom of the ridge you'll uncover running north from the northeast side of your base. Then when the ridge turns right, run the sandbags east along the bottom of the ridge. When the ridge turns south keep running the sandbags east until you sandbag across the valley. Sell all those sandbags except for the ones running across the valley and a few at that corner of the ridge where you make the first turn right. Once you kill the turrets and remaining units inside this area with your roving grenadiers in APC(s), you'll have control of 1/3 of the screen, and 1/2 the tiberium; and NOD forces cannot get in. The sandbag defense works very well and continued to work well throughout the mission.

Once you have control of these areas, it is time to move East. If you have not uncovered the south plateau, then their base will not be built yet, and it will be time to strike. Fill an APC with Two engineers, one technician from the sold buildings, and two Grenadiers. Drive your APC and a harvester directly east, and then take the first turn South. Then drive west to the northwest corner of the plateau and let your grenadiers stand guard. Place the tech on the northwest square as previously mentioned. Move the Engineers to the south and wait. While you're waiting, have the harvester eat a path through the tiberium so that you can build sandbags east. When the Fist of Nod sprouts up, take it over. Now build a wall running from the Fist east until you close off the opening to the plateau. Now take over the power plant.

Now, sandbag north until you reach their southwest base and sandbag them in. Now you have control of over half the map, and there is a HUGE tiberium field in the southeast corner. Take out that south turret and it's yours. (After I took out the turret, I went and sold all the walls except the ones that would keep my harvesters from taking their usual "long cuts" in front of their obelisk. Then I built a refinery right below their base. They never touched it.)

Now build 2 APCs worth of engineers, 10 grenadiers and three Mammoth Tanks, and about 6-10 Orcas. Keep blasting the infantry they keep building with the Ion Cannon. You can take out up to nine (9) grid squares or 45 infantry at a time. Just think of those thousands of credits they keep losing every time you knock out a platoon of engineers. I couldn't stop laughing from this point until the end of the game.

SAVE the GAME. Knock out the obelisk with the Ion cannon. Build a sandbag and place it where the obelisk was. They won't build it back. SAVE. Kill the two turrets at the front of the base with the Mammoth Tanks. SAVE. Now, build a AGT and place it inside their compound on the northwest corner. Build another. Run the Mammoths into the center of the compound and run your engineers in behind. SAVE. Take over everything. Don't sell anything. Place the other AGT right beside the Fist of GDI. PROTECT AND DEFEND. SAVE. Take out that Northeast SAM site inside the compound with the tanks and grenadiers and brace for his first NUKE. SAVE. If you don't like where the nuke hits (it's got to hit somewhere), then just like Dune II, you can restart and it will hit somewhere else. If you're a purist then accept wherever it hits and go on. If you do things right, you won't lose another building until the end of the game.

Building a Repair Bay in the middle of GDI base 3 makes an ideal repair station on the way into battle.

Now that you have two hands of NOD, it makes building Engineers much quicker. Also, use that Airfield to build those new GDI Recon Bikes! Map out the area using three bikes at a time so that you can continue on mapping if the remaining three obelisks get one or more of your bikes. You will find if you can get to it, a Construction Site in the extreme northeast corner of the screen. This will become your base 4

Sandbag north until you get to the front of their base. Sandbag them in. Now clear the area of turrets, tanks and SAM sites with your Orcas and Mammoths. Repair and repeat. There is one hidden turret that you'll have to park an infantry on once you destroy it.

Now fly your Orcas up to the northeast corner and take out the turret.
Build three more recon bikes, an APC and five engineers. Drive up to their base and use the recon bikes as fodder while the APC sneaks by. Blast the obelisk with the Ion Cannon right when the APC goes by. Now head for that construction site and power plant. If any bikes survive (they will immediately rebuild the obelisk), then send them up as guards. Build another Fist of GDI and build six engineers. Load up the APC and drive them along the very top edge of the screen until you reach the silos. Don't drive down to them until you're at the end away from the north central obelisk. Park at the left end and just take all of them over. You'll get about 8,000 credits from them.

Now build four Mammoths and move them to the ridge below their southwest wall of the north central base. Blow the wall, the SAM site, and the airfield. Sandbag from their front gate over to here and build a Fist of GDI, and two guard towers. Build five mini gunners and seven engineers. Move the mammoths around to the southeast corner of their base outside the range of the obelisk. Run the mini gunners toward the obelisk and get those engineers into those power plants. Sell them and kill the obelisk. Build some guard towers and plant them out in front of their Fist. Now take everything with engineers, and kill the other obelisk on the north east corner. Blow up the remaining obelisk in the northwest corner with the Ion Cannon and destroy the Temple of NOD. Leave the other building for now. Take over the power plant. Blow up the SAM sites. and then sell everything except your infantry and vehicles. All the walls -- everything except for the tiberium silos. Then blow up the last building and watch the cool preview of C&C2.




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