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GDI - Mission 8ea 'Austria'

Mission Objectives
UN Sanction has cut funding to the Global Defense Initiative. Field Units are helpless. Use the repair facility to keep your units in the field long enough to destroy the Nod base in this region. All Nod units and structures must be destroyed.

Tim Hardy (
If this is the mission I am thinking about, I found a technique that is extremely effective and easy, and I haven't heard it mentioned yet. If you clear out the meager troops straight above the base, then all the way to the top and over to the left, you'll find a cliff overlooking the Nod base (you'll also be able to kill most of the SAM sites). From this cliff your rocket launchers can pound the heck out of his airfield, several silos, and the Hand of Nod, as well as the infantry he tries to mass there. The cool thing is he never figures out how to get to your rocket launchers. You can kill every single one of his mobile forces and ability to produce mobile forces without losing any of your units. Then can just walk in the base with bells on.

Jason Thomas (
That's the same thing I did. I think the AI wants to stay close to home because its base is under attack, but once you destroy the airstrip, no more vehicles. Once it's all gone, you can leave one rocket vehicle up there and about ten bazooka guys, and just blast the crap out of anything that gets built as it's coming up. Also humvees are pretty good against infantry so you can keep one of those up there to provide machine-gun support. I wasted about 3 hours playing this mission and dying, before I discovered this technique. In Aikido and other "soft" martial arts, there's a principle of never meeting force with force. In other words, when the enemy attacks, you should let your forces fall back a bit to surround and absorb. In attack, don't keep hammering a strong point, but use recon to find enemy weak points and then strike hard. It's a lot easier in the long run than just throwing cannon fodder into the meatgrinder.




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