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Nod - Mission 11ea 'Namibia'

Mission Objectives
GDI has captured one of our technology centers. You must recapture the base and recover the stolen information. Our forces in the area don't have time to find a way across the river, so you will have to control the two forces separately.

Neil Bonner (
Have your commando pick off the guys on the bridge to the south. Then the humvee will come after the commando. Have the bazooka guys and minigunners advance to finish off the humvee.

Proceed south avoiding the medium tank and as much conflict as you can. Remember your objective right now is to get into the base to the south. Take out the guard towers with the team of bazookas -- you can do this without getting hurt if they stand 4.5 squares away.

Take over the refinery when the harvester is in the unloading bay. Take over the Comm Center. Sandbag south toward the base entrance. At the entrance of the base place an obelisk when you have enough power to operate it. Place a turret south of the obelisk to provide protection to the obelisk and to keep the gunship from cruising past your base.

The computer will not be able to effectively attack your base because it cannot mount an effective attack force to overcome the obelisk and turret. At this point your job is to have two refineries and 3 harvesters going. The money will be flowing in. Build a massive attack force and destroy the base to the northeast.




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