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Nod - Mission 12ea 'Botswana'

Mission Objectives
Somewhere in this area there is a GDI Advanced Communications Center. Inside this center are the firing codes for their orbiting Ion station. The Brotherhood must have these codes. Capture the center and retrieve the codes, do not destroy the center.

Chee Hui (
In this mission, you need to capture the advanced comm. base where you started off with a mobile construction yard, two recon bikes, two Nod buggies and a light tank.

The main problem is that the surrounding area in your vicinity has no tiberium fields so you need to cross the bridge to build the yard there. Unfortunately, 2 Mammoth tanks are stationed at the bridge.

Here's the trick. If you recon the area, you will find it's actually a nice square loop. Select 1 recon bike and ask it to target the further Mammoth tank on the bridge while you stationed the rest of your forces just outside of the edge of this square. Once the Mammoth tanks start attacking, run your bike as far away (and from your main force) ASAP towards the loop. When the tanks see your mobile yard, they'll turn their attention to it instead.

So select all your vehicles (except the bike) and run round the loop to keep ahead one step of them always. Since the 2 tanks are now preoccupied with your other vehicles, reselect your bike and chase after the 2 tanks. Start with the 2nd further tank and shoot his butt black !

Once the 2nd tank got his butt fried, do the same for the 1st tank. Just be sure to maintain the rest of your forces beyond the Mammoths' range and you'll be all right. The rest of the mission will be fairly routine.

Boy, those Mammoth tanks certainly have no brains.
I actually like this mission because you can just use 1 bike to beat 2 Mammoth tanks. Talk about the odds of doing that in real combat.
PS: If you think that's tough, wait till the next one.

Clazzy (
Here's a tip, airstrikes ALWAYS hit the unit nearest to the top right of the map. Place minigunners or technicians in the top corner of your base and the A10s should go for them. ORCAs should be easily taken down by SAM sites but don't really attack buildings, they're more likely to hit units that stray too close to their base.




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