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Nod - Mission 5 'Mauritania'

Mission Objectives
Our brothers within GDI tell us of A-10 strike jets scheduled to be deployed here soon. Our suppliers have delivered new Surface to Air Missiles to aid you. Use the SAMs to defend your base, then seek out their base and destroy it.

Fabrice Timmermans (
First of all, don't build SAM sites immediately, they are slow and not at all useful (you will just need to build one at the end to end the mission). Build your base in the southeast corner of the map, go for a refinery, hand of NOD and airstrip.

Go ahead and explore the map to the west with your buggy. One big point, SCATTER your troops in groups no bigger than three or four units because off A-10 strikes !

If you follow the road to the west, you will come across a bridge. Go north along the edge of the map and at the top a little east. You will arrive just near his construction yard. Send your four recon bikes while building new ones and hammer the yard to dust !

He will probably send one heavy tank after you so if you can, protect the bikes with light tanks. OK yard is out of business so no more construction! Time to take his base piece by piece.

From your base, follow the eastern edge of the map to the north. You will eventually cross a small tiberium field. There head west. You will arrive near his base just near his construction yard. Send a tank and an engineer. Launch the tank in the middle of the base to attract enemy fire and take the construction yard. Sell it immediately to build more tanks or bikes. OK, no more GDI vehicles !

You can now send a massive assault to the base and kill the remnants of GDI forces or send more engineers to capture the rest of the base.




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