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Nod - Mission 7ea 'Gabon'

Mission Objectives
The Brotherhood has located a huge field of Tiberium in the area. The nearby village has laid claim to the field. Eliminate the villagers, as to prevent any infection of our own workers. GDI forces are reported to be minimal, so elimination of them is of secondary importance.

Fabrice Timmermans (ftimmerm@pobelgium.belgium.ATTGIS.COM)

The goal of the mission is to kill all villagers (by the way, you can destroy all buildings also) and eliminate GDI forces (only scientist they say! Ah, Ah, let me laugh !!) At the beginning your are north of the first part of the village. Just destroy everything in sight there is no opposition there. Use your two tanks to scout ahead (you have only one path possible between two ridges) but back them with your bazookas. Your will arrive soon to the second part of the village (south of it is the GDI base). There also destroy any buildings north of the church for the moment (if you go south, you will attract GDI forces).

Cross the bridge and you will have access to the remnants of a NOD base. Repair what you can and go for a hand of NOD and construction yard as soon as you can. For the moment, don't go for the money crate south of the church because it will trigger a massive GDI attack. West of the church and a little south, there is a power plant and a hospital. Take them with your two starting engineers and sell them so you can borrow a little cash. Now, fortify your positions north of the bridge by moving all your units there and build tanks and bikes. Be careful to protect also your west flank because it is possible to cross the river a little west of the bridge.

When you feel confident enough to withstand a GDI attack (grenadiers and tanks), send a suicidal unit to take the crate (it's suicidal because you will be in the fire range of two guards towers). With that money, you can build another harvester. After that, repel each attack by running over the grenadiers crossing the bridge and stay north of the river. Keep building tanks (you can also build a buggy or two to recon his base). I've waited then that he runs out of tiberium and I've destroyed his harvester as he tried to cross the bridges. He has then launched nearly all his remaining forces and I have then sent a massive assault on his base to destroy all in sight. His last move was to send an APC with engineer at my base but if you keep there one tank or bike, you can easily defend it.




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