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Nod - Mission 8ea 'Zaire'

Mission Objectives
Since we are low on troops, you will have to make use of all available resources. Locate the abandoned GDI base in the area and restore it to operational status. Once that is done, use GDI's own weapons against them. Be sure that no GDI forces remain alive.

Andre Pang (
The key to this mission is engineers. Take out any units/structures which can cause damage to a transport helicopter, send in a small attack force, then while they're distracting the enemy, send in the transport helicopters with the engineers. Target the construction yard, barracks and weapons factory in that order.

Jay 'PyRo' (
I sold the old base, made flamers transported three flamers, and two engineers. That was all I needed. That was a pretty simple mission. If you think that's hard... boy do you have a thing coming. Just wait till the 12 and 13 mission... damn ION Cannons and bombers!. And those 'missile towers' don't help your stealth tanks at all.




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