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Generals: Chapter 1 - Mushroom671

That time, again - Duncan May

Combat Sins - Chris Bean

Final Front - Chronomatt

Red Dawn - Unknown

Three Man Patrol - Unknown

The Bravo Division - CommandoRex

The Frontlines - CommandoRex

The 7th Division - CommandoRex

The P.O.W - CommandoRex

The Invasion of Siberia - CommandoRex

Hidden Agent - Sarge790 with contributions from Alex Brown

Operation: Eternal Promise - Sarge790

Night Patrol - Sarge790

Crisis Zone - Sarge790

Sitting Ducks - CommandoRex

The Shot - Sarge790

The First Battle - Sarge790

Operation: Arrowhead - CommandoRex

The Cloaked War - WarMaster

Survivor: The GDI Rebellion - CNCR

C&C Afterglow - Michael Bailey

Tiberian Sun - Arrival - Raving

Infiltration - Raving

From The Ashes - Raving

Rising Sun - Raving

Surprise Attack - Andra

Destruction - Devilexx

Tiberium Desolation - GWRedwall

David Jackson - GDI Rifle Soldier - GWRedwall

Black Ops - Conspiracy - Raving

Memory - Raving

A DeeZired Battle - Marc Hebert

Nightwatch - Raving

Nightmare - Interrogation - Raving

West Ridge - GWRedwall

The Agency - GWRedwall

Virus - GWRedwall

Last Outpost - Clazzy

Year of the Dukky - STRMKirby

Flight of the Super Valkyrie - Napalm809

Psychic Problems - Joey

A Day in the Life of a Navy SEAL - CyberMan16




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