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Announced: 8th October 1999
Released: 25th February 2002

Renegade is completely different from any other Command & Conquer game that's come before it, it's a First Person Shooter!

In Renegade you play as the Commando called Havoc from the original; Tiberian Dawn. It's your job to rescue a group of scientists the Brotherhood of Nod have captured, but they don't make it easy for you.
Throughout the game you will work as part of a team (The Dead Six) as part of an army, or go in on your own to gather Intel and kick butt! Make use of the advantages at your disposal, whether it be a Mammoth Tank or simply a Buggy - how you play is up to you: sneak into a Hand of Nod and call in a massive Ion Cannon strike, or blow it up from the outside in a hijacked Flame Tank.

Renegade takes place at the same time as Tiberian Dawn and introduces a whole new aspect to the storyline that you couldn't possibly experience from a RTS game.

However, Renegade's real appeal is the multiplayer where you take part in the epic struggle between GDI and Nod for supremacy. In "C&C Mode" credits gained from harvesting Tiberium allow you to upgrade your character from the humble Soldier right up to Havoc himself! You must destroy the enemy base while protecting your own, teamwork is the name of the game as no single man can defeat en entire army on his own.

Command & Conquer Renegade was developed by Westwood Studios in Las Vegas.




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