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Countermeasures Countermeasures - Cost: $1000
When this upgrade is purchased, all aircraft dispense chaff to divert enemy anti-aircraft fire - protecting them. However, this cannot stop every missile from getting through but about 50% are blocked, enabling the aircraft to last for longer than it would without.

Hellfire Missile Drone Hellfire Missile Drone - Cost: $500
Equips most vehicles with a small flying automated drone that follows the unit around the battlefield, firing hellfire missiles at enemy units that enter its range.

Chemical Suit Chemical Suit - Cost: $1000
The Chemical Suit increases infantry's immunity against toxin attacks. It does not make them impervious to such attacks, but it does increase their chances of surviving.

Supply Lines Supply Lines - Cost: $800
Buying this upgrade at the Supply Centre strengthens USA's supply lines, increasing the amount of money each Chinook brings in by 10%.

Bunker Busters Bunker Busters - Cost: $1500
This upgrade enables the missiles dropped from Stealth Bombers to penetrate bunkers garrisoned with infantry. It penetrates the structure and kills or forces the infantry to evacuate the building.

MOAB MOAB - Cost: $4000
This upgrade for the Fuel Air Bomb, the Massive Ordnance Air Burst or Mother Of All Bombs is a really big bomb that causes massive destruction wherever dropped.




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