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In the time that has passed since the events of Tiberian Sun the growth of Tiberium has contined to terraform the planet. The GDI has classified the planet into three colour coded zones depending on the severity of Tiberium infestation:

Blue Zones Blue Zones
Squeeky clean ultra modern and mega rich cities controlled by the GDI. These areas are free from Tiberium growth thanks to resonance technology that keeps it at bay, infact this technology is being used to cultivate Tiberium "farms" that can be used to obtain resources in these areas.

Yellow Zones Yellow Zones
The majority of Earth's population lives in Yellow Zones, these are areas with significant Tiberium growth and those living there have significantly reduced life expectancy due to airborne Tiberium particles. Law and order has often broken down in these areas and they are controlled by local warlords or Nod forces who distribute aid to the habitants - as a result the majority of Brotherhood recruits originate from Yellow Zones.

Red Zones Red Zones
Red Zones are classed as inhabitable by humans, here the Tiberium is so dense that even protective suits cannot protect infantry from the effects of the substance.

The zones are shown in this map by forum member MadBadger:

Tiberium Zones



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