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CnCWorld was founded in mid 1999 by Cabal. At the time the site was called "Scott's CnC Universe Site" and was hosted on the BTInternet servers. In early 2000 Ticki joined the site as co-webmaster, and the site was renamed to CnCWorld. The host was also changed... and we used nethosts as our hosts, because they allowed us to do a lot more than the BTInternet servers did. We still didn't use a news script at that point... we just added each news item to the page by editing it by FTP.

Then a few month later Cabal and Ticki discovered how much better using a news posting script could be.... so it was time for a server change again. This time we used both the BT servers and the Virtualave servers. The BT servers were for the content of the site, while Virtualave was used for Newspro, which allowed anybody to post news, and not have to use an FTP account. This still meant a long website address and an ugly frames-based layout.

The problem of a hard to remember website address was fixed in the summer of 2000 when Cabal changed Internet Providers to Freenetname, who offer a free or domain name for all of their users. Cabal registered , which was a lot easier to remember than the old one.

The decision was made by the CnCWorld staff that we would buy a domain name that we could change the settings of... and have CnCWorld hosted on a server with lots of space and lots of options. As a result Cabal contacted Blade from Project77 (P77), who agreed to host CnCWorld with the new address of . Unfortunately the servers kept going online and offline, so after a while CnCWorld was moved again to the EGN3D servers. We realised our mistake after less than 72 hours when CnCWorld went offline due to server problems. Luckily our account at Project77 was still active, so we continued using Project77 even though we were offline for an hour or two regularly.

CnCWorld moved to Madhosts along with most of the CnC community in 2001 after Project77 became even more unreliable and then shut down. Although not long after being hosted on Madhosts they pulled the plug on the server without any notice, which caused half of the CnC community including CnCWorld and CNCNZ to go offline and lose all files on the site.

After a week of searching Gamer's Pulse hosting (GPH) agreed to host us and any of other popular C&C sites that went offline. We thought about moving servers after joining them, but we were still hosted on GPH 2 years later, which shows that GPH were a lot better, and were a great host to us. Thanks to Jim "Ripclaw" Broach for everything he has done while hosting us.

While were were at Gamer's Pulse we went through 3 different layouts, including one by ex-staff member Post Office.

Towards the end of 2004 Gamer's Pulse was forced to shut down by a series of unfortunate events all beyond their control. After floundering around for a few months looking for a good replacement host, we finially decided on who are providing us with hosting thanks to chickendippers' connections.
In April 2005 we launched with a completely different site re-built from the ground up, including new backend, new content, new downloads and an awesome new layout once again by Post Office.

In the past out staff have included the following people : Onslaught, GIHavoc, Warhound_W, Cyberlord, GDI, Scorpionxx, Ticki, Jared, Jim Furkmire, Boris, Sup3rT3d, Jamie, Kaymaster (temporary help), MW (temporary help), Mallrat, Mirage, Post Office, SpaceMaN, Terran_Drone, Weirdo, Zerokewlz, ccfan4326, C&C King, genocide, Omnicronx, MLBZ521, Stealth Clobber, Tycow, boffin2163, ponky, scrinlord, Rocketdog, Stavros, cripple, Snake-Y2k, D-0 (Dark-Omen), TheLastOne, Apocalypse, Pyro, Kussie, Redders and of course Cabal. There have probably been more staff that have helped, but these are all that I have on record. Sorry if your name hasn't been mentioned. Please contact me if you have worked for us but are not on the list..... and I will add you.

Some of our previous layouts (click to enlarge):
Version 5 Version 7




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