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SCUD Launcher SCUD Launcher - Cost: 1 Star General
Enables you to build the SCUD Launcher at the Arms Dealer.

Marauder Tank Marauder Tank - Cost: 1 Star General
Enables you to build the Marauder Tank at the Arms Dealer.

Technical Training Technical Training - Cost: 1 Star General
All Technicals are automatically promoted to veteran status.

Hijacker Hijacker - Cost: 3 Star General
Enables you to train the Hijacker at the Barracks.

Rebel Ambush Rebel Ambush - Cost: 3 Star General
The Rebel Ambush revels a number of Rebels anywhere on the map that you can use to cause damage inside your enemy's base! Ther are three levels of ambush, the higher the level the more the number of Rebels deployed.

Cash Bounty Cash Bounty - Cost: 3 Star General
Cash Bounty gives you money for every enemy unit you destroy, the more expensive the unit destroyed, the more the bounty. There are three ranks of bounty, the higher the level the higher the bounty.

Emergency Repair Emergency Repair - Cost: 3 Star General
The ability to repair vehicles in a certain area of the battlefield. There are three ranks of Emergency Reapir and each has a larger area of effect and increased speed.

Anthrax Bomb Anthrax Bomb - Cost: 5 Star General
The Anthrax Bomb is dropped from an aircraft and so can be shot down before it is dropped. The bomb leaves an area of terrain polluted with anthrax that is fatal to infantry and damaging to vehicles.




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