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The Forgotten is a race that was created by Tiberium experimentation. Nod scientists experimented on both their own and ex-GDI soldiers in the hope of creating the perfect "killing machine". However, when this experimentation failed these "freaks" were abandoned and neglected by both GDI and NOD forces.

Their name, probably originates from this neglect, in essence, this race was "forgotten." Now, they work like mercenaries creating temporary allies with anyone who can give them what they want. Whether behind all their actions lies an ulterior motive for revenge against the Brotherhood of NOD or against the GDI for neglecting them as well, is unknown.

Two of the forgotten who are the most influential in the story are Umagon and Gostalker. The Forgotten are sometimes derogatorily referred to as "Shiners" caused by the shining Tiberium cyrstals on their bodies.




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