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Rifle Infantry Rifle Infantry - Cost: $100
The Rifle Infantry is the main soviet infantry unit, and is the best all round infantry unit available. They can be built quickly and cheaply, and can inflict a reasonable amount of damage en mass considering their low cost.

Engineer Engineer - Cost: $500
Engineers are unarmed infantry units, but offer a wide array of strategic options in battle. One engineer has the potential to cause extreme damage to an enemy building and bring it under your control, they can also repair your own buildings by entering them, and restoring them to full health.
3 Engineers are required to fully capture an enemy structure; 1 to damage it, 2 to bring it under your control and the 3rd to repair it.

Grenadier Grenadier - Cost: $500
The Grenadier throws grenades which are explosive and, in groups are very effective against heavy armour and structures. The time spent throwing the grenade is substantial so that they are usually not able to cause much injury to moving infantry units.

Flame Infantry Flame Infantry - Cost: $300
The slowest infantry class, but the most deadly against infantry. Infantry catch fire when burned with the flame and continue to burn even when the flamer is no longer firing. The Flame Infantry carries a large tank of flamable material which is used to power their flamethrower weapon, however these flammable chemicals tend to cause an explosion when Flame Infantry are killed.

Dog Dog - Cost: $200
The attack dog is your first, last and only defence against enemy spies sabotaging your base. Attack dogs are very cheap to produce, but are very vulnerable to attack. They are excellent against enemy infantry, they can cut down a batallion in seconds. Best used in combination with other infantry, this makes up for their lack of strength, as the enemy will attack all of your troops, and not just the attack dogs.

Heavy Tank Heavy Tank - Cost: $950
The Heavy Tank is more powerful and stronger than the Allied Medium Tank, but it is more expensive and is slower in combat. The Heavy is geared purely towards firepower, and is extremely effective against structures and other vehicles. However the higher price means that it can be outnumbered by the cheaper Med. tanks; numbers vs. power makes an interesting tense battle.

Mine Layer Mine Layer - Cost: $800
The Mine Layer goes round and lays anti-personnel explosives on the ground which are triggered by the passing of an enemy troop. Placed in critical location such as entrances to your base, they can take out quite a lot of an attack before it even gets a chance to do any damage. They are invisible to all except the commander who laid them and vehicles can pass over them unharmed.
The Layer carries 5 mines and can be reloaded at a Service Depot.

Radar Jammer Radar Jammer - Cost: $1700
Once placed within 16 squares of an enemy Radar Dome, the Radar Jammer deactivates their radar display. As soon as this happens they will start to look for a jammer nearby, so it can only really act as a diversionary tactic.

V2 Rocket Launcher V2 Rocket Launcher - Cost: $700
The nearest thing to Artillery in the Soviet arsenal, the V2 can punish poorly defended bases from long range. The launcher itself is weak and can easily be destroyed, but the missiles it launches can decimate bases quickly. Once a missile has been launched, it cannot be stopped.

Mammoth Tank Mammoth Tank - Cost: $1700
The sight of the Mammoth Tank strikes fear into even the most battle hardened commando.
It has stupidly huge amounts of armour and firepower. Of course you have to pay for this, and it's in the speed department, so it's always best to have other units around to draw fire and take out pesky infantry whilst you concentrate the main firepower on destroying structures. The slow ROF means it's not so great against infantry, but the mounted rocket launcher ensures that pesky aircraft are kept at bay.

Ore Truck Ore Truck - Cost: $1400
The Ore Truck is your only source of collecting resources to turn into money to enable you to purchase structures and units to defeat your opponent. It collects Ore and brings it back to the Refinery where it is converted into money. When travelling to and from the Ore it moves slowly, but it is heavily armoured. They should always be escorted as they are easy targets for enemy commanders.

LST LST - Cost: $1000
The LST is capable of carrying up to 5 infantry or vehicles and transporting them by sea. It has no weapons, but is very fast so can get away from danger. The LST can only be loaded/un-loaded on shore terrain where it is at its most vunerable

Submarine Submarine - Cost: $950
This is the standard Soviet naval unit at your disposal. The submarine is completely invisible whilst it travels underwater to the target, however it must surface in order to fire at seafaring units. Unfortunately the sub can be detected by Gunboats, Destroyers and a Sonar Pulse.

Yak Yak - Cost: $800
Your bog standard aircraft armed with high velocity machine guns, the Yak attacks in strafing runs, enabling it to take out lines of infantry in one swoop. However, vehicles are barely scratched by Yaks and it's lack of speeds does mean that it is a target for any surviving enemy Rocket Soldiers.

MiG MiG - Cost: $1200
This fast attack craft carries a limited number of missiles for use against vehicles and structures. There is no point in using it against infantry as it just isn't effective against them, but against slow moving vehicles and structures it is devistating. However its light armour affords little protection from ferocious AA Guns.

Hind Hind - Cost: $1200
Not really a quick strike unit, the Hind used persistance tactics to destroy its targets. It's hovering abilities and large ammo supply mean it can follow a target for quite some time, constantly wearing away at it with its chainguns.

Transport Helicopter Transport Helicopter - Cost: $1200
As the name suggests, the Chinook Transport Helicopter is able to transport 5 infantry units anywhere on the map quickly. It has the added advantage of being able to take engineers or tactical strike teams into the heart of an enemy's base without having to go through ground defences.

Spy Plane Spy Plane - Cost: $N/A
Following the construction of an airfield, the Spy Plane may become available. After it has been constructed it swoops down to a targeted area and reveals all shroud unless it is gapped. It is vulnerable to AA fire but moves so fast it rarely gets shot down.

Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) - Cost: $3000
The MCV is the most important ground unit at the start of any game, as it forms the heart of your base, and allows you to produce structures and defences. If you lose your only MCV in battle, then you can no longer expand your base, and so every building you lose you cannot replace, unless you build another MCV, which are very expensive.




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