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Construction Yard Construction Yard - Cost: $2500
Everyone hated Dozers in Generals, so EA have done the right thing and brought the Construction Yard back. It is needed to construct other buildings and provides radar, so defending it should be priority one.

Power Plant Power Plant - Cost: $500
These are also vital structures, providing power to your base, allowing defences to defend, Construction Yards to construct, and War Factories to build tanks. Without the necessary amount of power plants, your base defences will not function, and it will drastically slow down, if not halt your production of further units.
Liquid Tiberium Core Liquid Tiberium Core - Cost: $??
Enables the power plant to take advantage of the massive energy potential of Tiberium to increase power output. They are only a fraction of the cost of an entirely new plant and don't use up any space on the battlefield, however if an upgraded plant is destroyed, the power lost will be more significant.

Crane Crane - Cost: $1500
Cranes provide a second production queue, this way you can produce two structures simultaneously. Cranes cannot build defensive structures.

Hand of Nod Hand of Nod - Cost: $500
This structure allows you to train troops and build base defences. Later, more defences and infantry will become available.

Tiberium Refinery Tiberium Refinery - Cost: $2000

The Tiberium Refinery is the heart of your economy, and it is where your harvesters deposit the Tiberium, which is then turned into cash by this structure. Defending this miner and structure is important as they, although strong, are an easy target for enemy commanders.

War Factory War Factory - Cost: $2000

This subterranean building enables the construction of tanks, transports, harvesters and MCVs, thus making it very important to you. The automated repair drones that hover outside the entrance will automatically repair any friendly vehicle in the immediate vicinity.

Air Tower Air Tower - Cost: $1000
One of the largest structures in the game allows aircraft to be constructed and rearmed and grants access to airborne command powers. The landing pads unfurl as more Vertigo Bombers are purchased.

Operations Centre Operations Centre - Cost: $1500
The Operations Centre allows the Brotherhood's cloaking and radar jamming technologies and to access the more high-tech structures.

Secret Shrine Secret Shrine - Cost: $1500
Roughly equivalent to GDI's Armoury and Scrin's Stasis Chamber, the Secret Shrine allows you to recruit Nod's most loyal and powerful infantry units.

Tech Lab Tech Lab - Cost: $4000
This building allows Nod to construct the more high tech units and structures. This structure is weak, very expensive and consumes a lot of power but is a necessity as you will need to tech up to stand a chance of survival against the enemy.

Tiberium Chemical Plant Tiberium Chemical Plant - Cost: $3000
The research that is conducted in to Tiberium weaponry from this building allows you to deploy devastating attacks, but beware some may benefit the Scrin!

Tiberium Silo Tiberium Silo - Cost: $500
When you harvest more Tiberium than your refinery can hold, you will need to build a silo else the harvested money is lost. Silos haven't featured in a Command & Conquer game since Tiberian Sun.

Shredder Turret Shredder Turret - Cost: $400
Shredder Turrets feature two giant shotguns that literally shred the flesh of enemy infantry. They use Nod's innovative hub defence system; first a control hub is deployed and 3 separate turrets are then linked to it.

Laser Turret Laser Turret - Cost: $1200
The laser turret uses a scaled down version of the Obelisk's weapon to deal damage to armour. It's tracking is somewhat slow and makes it ineffective against infantry targets. They use Nod's innovative hub defence system; first a control hub is deployed and 3 separate turrets are then linked to it.

SAM Turret SAM Turret - Cost: $800
Launching a barrage of highly accurate surface to air missiles will make quick work of any enemy aircraft foolish enough to enter your airspace. They use Nod's innovative hub defence system; first a control hub is deployed and 3 separate turrets are then linked to it.

Disruption Tower Disruption Tower - Cost: $800
The ultimate in stealth technology, once deployed all units and structures within its radius will disappear from view from your enemies (with the exception of the tower itself). If the generator is destroyed, or the base power is low, everything will be revealed.

Obelisk of Light Obelisk of Light - Cost: $1800
The most formidable defence in the game, the sight of one scares even the most battle-hardened elite! It fires a very powerful laser; few units can withstand one bolt. Due to the immense amount of energy required to create the high power laser beam, the Obelisk requires huge amounts of power to operate.

Temple of Nod Temple of Nod - Cost: $5000
Nod conduct their cutting edge research in the temple. Allowing you to construct nuclear weapons and deploy countermeasures against EMP attacks.




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