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Thanks to Roger Wong for this walkthrough.

GDI Missions
Mission 1: Estonia
Mission 2: Estonia
Mission 3: Latvia
Mission 4ea: Belarus
Mission 4wb: Belarus
Mission 5ea: Ukraine
Mission 5wb: Germany
Mission 6: Czech Republic
Mission 7: Czech Republic
Mission 8ea: Austria
Mission 8eb: Slovakia
Mission 9: Hungary
Mission 10ea: Slovenia
Mission 10eb: Romania
Mission 11: Greece
Mission 12ea: Albania
Mission 12eb: Bulgaria
Mission 13ea: Yugoslavia
Mission 13eb: Yugoslavia
Mission 14: Yugoslavia
Mission 15ea: Bosnia/Herzogovina
Mission 15eb: Bosnia/Herzogovina
Mission 15ec: Bosnia/Herzogovina
Nod Missions
Mission 1: Libya
Mission 2: Egypt
Mission 3: Sudan
Mission 4ea: Chad
Mission 4eb: Chad
Mission 5: Mauritania
Mission 6ea: Ivory Coast
Mission 6eb: Benin
Mission 6ec: Bad Neighborhood
Mission 7ea: Gabon
Mission 7eb: Cameroon
Mission 7ec: Central African Republic
Mission 8ea: Zaire
Mission 8eb: Zaire
Mission 9ea: Egypt
Mission 9eb: Egypt
Mission 10ea: Angola
Mission 10eb: Romania
Mission 11ea: Namibia
Mission 11eb: Mozambique
Mission 12: Botswana
Mission 13ea: South Africa
Mission 13ec: Botswana



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