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Worker Worker - Cost: $200
The humble Worker is the life of your base, it is this unit that constructs and repairs structures. Unlike previous C&C games you can construct multiple structures simultaneously by training more Workers from the Command Centre. Once all your Workers have been destroyed you cannot build or repair anything.

Rebel Rebel - Cost: $150
A simple grunt, the Rebel is not very well equipped and does not posses the most up-to-date equipment, however they are cheap and can be produced en mass. Their main purpose is to provide anti-infantry capabilities and to capture structures.

RPG Trooper RPG Trooper - Cost: $300
RPG Troopers provide amazing anti-armour support as well as anti-air defence. They are most effective in groups of 5 as they can destroy most units before they are squashed or shot themselves. They are slow and so are vulnerable to being run over, and cannot defend themselves against infantry attacks.

Terrorist Terrorist - Cost: $200
A suicide bomber, the terrorist is a man with C4 strapped to his person. He simply charges at structures or units and then detonates the C4, killing himself and, in most cases, the target. If he is killed before detonating the C4 there is no explosion.

Hijacker Hijacker - Cost: $400
The Hijacker can steal enemy vehicles and bring them under your control. However he cannot steal Elite or Heroic units. When he's not moving, the Hijacker blends into the environment so the enemy cannot see him.

Angry Mob Angry Mob - Cost: $800
A large group of civilians who aren't detectable by radar, they are very lethal once inside a base as they each shoot to take out infantry and use firebombs against armour and structures. They cannot be garrisoned or transported, so your best chance to counter an attack from a mob is to use a Gattling Tank on them while they are on their way.

Jarmen Kell Jarmen Kell - Cost: $1500
He is armed with a sniper rifle for taking out infantry from long range and can occupy structures without your colours appearing on it. He is such a sharp shooter he can take out drivers of vehicles leaving them free for any infantry to hop in! Like all hero units Jarmen is sheathed, except for a brief moment when he fires.

Radar Van Radar Van - Cost: $500
The Radar Van activates the radar display for GLA. If it is destroyed then the GLA loose the ability to use the radar display until it is replaced.

Technical Technical - Cost: $500
Designed for recon and hit and run tactics, the Technical sacrifices armour for speed. But it is not completely without merit, the speed means you can run over infantry. It's mounted machine gun means that it can take out infantry, but nothing else. You can put infantry inside the technical to transport them around quickly. When an enemy vehicle is destroyed, the technical can salvage components, upgrading its weapon, armour or rank.

Scorpion Tank Scorpion Tank - Cost: $600
No match for its Chinese or US counterpart in a one-on-one situation, however in numbers it has the advantage. Their speed enables them to withdraw when outgunned and the Scorpion Rocket upgrade increases its attack power.

Rocket Buggy Rocket Buggy - Cost: $900
The fastest and lightest of all ground units, the RB is the perfect example of hit-and-run. It fires it's supply of rockets in one volley and must reload fully before it can fire again, it's light armour means that it cannot hang around and cannot lead an attack.

Toxin Tractor Toxin Tractor - Cost: $600
The peak of GLA ingenuity, a tractor equipped with chemical sprayer equipment, but instead of pesticides, the Toxin Tractor sprays deadly Anthrax, killing infantry and damaging vehicles. It is particularly effective at clearing out garrisoned buildings, if you can get it close enough as it has light armour.

Bomb Truck Bomb Truck - Cost: $1200
The bomb truck is exactly that - a truck with a big bomb on it! It can be disguised as an enemy vehicle and snuck into base, however defences can detect the cloak effect. But if it reaches its targets and detonates, the consequences are quite nasty.
High Explosives High Explosives - Cost: $500
This upgrade equips the Bomb Truck with high explosives, doubling the damage done when successfully detonated.
Bio Bomb Bio Bomb - Cost: $500
When the Bomb Truck is detonated it leaves behind a toxin that is deadly to infantry and damaging for vehicles.

Quad Cannon Quad Cannon - Cost: $700
The Quad Cannon spews lead at enemy ground and air targets. Very similar to the Chinese gattling technology, it's very effective against infantry and aircraft, but less so against vehicles. It can use salvaged enemy parts to upgrade it's own weapons, armour and rank.

SCUD Launcher SCUD Launcher - Cost: $1200
A mobile version of the SCUD Storm, the Scud Launcher fires one slightly smaller missile at long range stationary targets. It has no short-range defence, so needs backing up and a few anti-air units wouldn't go amiss.

Marauder Tank Marauder Tank - Cost: $800
The Marauder Tanks has offensive and defensive advantages over the Scorpion, but is slower. When fully upgraded, it sports 2 cannons that are devastating, however the armour is still slightly disappointing.




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