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Released: 29th February 2000

Firestorm continues on after the conclusion of Tiberian Sun
The world is continuously being devoured by the Tiberium invasion, there is less and less habitable land and more and more mutated life forms.
Luckily with Kane dead, his Temple and the Tactitus in GDI hands, hopefully scientists will be able to make progress in ridding the world of this plague.

The Brotherhood is reeling from the death of Kane and has returned to how it was before his return, generals are fighting amongst each other leaving GDI free to take them out with relative ease.

Will NOD be able to pull itself together, beat GDI and complete Kane's dream of a Tiberium Future, or will GDI prevail and stop the Tiberium menace?

The game features new units, structures and Tiberium lifeforms as well as new missions and multiplayer maps. It's GDI vs. Nod in a battle for control of the world in new online "World Domination" mode!

Requires Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun to play.
Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun Firestorm was developed by Westwood Studios in Las Vegas.




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