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Ranger Ranger - Cost: $225
The Ranger is the best trained and best equipped of all the basic infantry types, while this means they are a little more expensive than for the other teams they really are much better in terms or armour and firepower. They also have the ability to use Flash Bangs which increases their urban combat effectiveness.

Missile Defender Missile Defender - Cost: $300
Missile Defenders provide amazing anti-armour support as well as anti-air defence. They are most effective in groups of 5 as they can destroy most units before they are squashed or shot themselves. They are slow and so are vulnerable to being run over, and cannot defend themselves against infantry attacks.

Pathfinder Pathfinder - Cost: $600
The Path Finder can take out enemy infantry before they've even spotted him. A Path Finder's camo net enables him to blend in completely with his surroundings rendering him invisible to your enemy. Path Finders are useless against vehicles of any kind and so must be kept away from possible vehicular detection.

Colonel Burton Colonel Burton - Cost: $1500
Colonel Burton is even better than the Path Finder at stealth, he can move across the map without being spotted except for a breif moment when he fires, as well as being able to scale cliffs! He is armed with a knife, a sniper rifle, remote C4 and timed C4 to wreak total havoc!

Ambulance Ambulance - Cost: $600
The Ambulance can heal friendly infantry in the midst of a battle and they release a foam which clears up any toxins which may have infected the ground.

Humvee Humvee - Cost: $700
Designed for recon and hit and run tactics, the Humvee sacrifices armour for speed, but it is not completely without merit. The speed means you can run over infantry, it's mounted machine gun means that it can take out infantry, but nothing else. You can put infantry inside the Humvee and they can shoot their weapons out through the ports.

Crusader Tank Crusader Tank - Cost: $700
The Crusader is the most effective tank in the world. The best armour and firepower for its class means it easily outclasses the nearest China and GLA equivalent, however the price is greater than its aforementioned counterparts.

Paladin Tank Paladin Tank - Cost: $1100
While still in the prototype stage, the Paladin is even more effective than a Crusader as it posses a laser which can take out enemy projectiles, such as RPG Trooper's missiles. However it doesn't have a great ROF, so you can't rely totally upon the laser to protect it against attacks. Of course it does have a cannon that fires jet-assisted shells for extra accuracy.

Tomahawk Missile Launcher Tomahawk Missile Launcher - Cost: $1200
This vehicle carries a tomahawk ground-to-ground missile and it very useful for taking out enemy defences out of their range instead of sacrificing multiple units in a head-on assault. It cannot defend itself from attacks however so much be escorted.

Chinook Chinook - Cost: $1200
The Chinook acquires supplies from supply piles and brings them back to the supply depot. The Chinook can also carry vehicles and infantry around the battlefield or flush garrisoned troops out of buildings. It's vulnerable to enemy anti-air fire.

Raptor Raptor - Cost: $1400
The Raptor can attack air or ground targets using its four missiles. It's the medium tank of the air; sporting good speed, armour and firepower but enemy anti-aircraft fire is lethal.

Comanche Comanche - Cost: $1500
Equipped with a machine gun and missiles, the Comanche is the most versatile aircraft, possessing the ability to suppress infantry and armoured attacks. With the rocket pod upgrade, it's anti-armour capabilities are increased. The Comanche does not need to return to a friendly airfield to reload like other aircraft.

Aurora Bomber Aurora Bomber - Cost: $2500
The Aurora travels at supersonic speeds while on its attack run, at the end of which it unleashes one enormous bomb capable of unleashing immense devastation. However, once this bomb has been dropped, the plane must reduce speed in order to conserve fuel, and it is this return journey when it is vulnerable to enemy anti-aircraft fire.

Stealth Fighter Stealth Fighter - Cost: $1600
The Stealth Bomber is ideal for sneaking past enemy defences and taking out lightly armoured targets. It is visible only to your enemy while it drops its payload.

Construction Dozer Construction Dozer - Cost: $1000
The Construction Dozer is the life of your base, it is this vehicle that constructs and repairs structures. Unlike previous C&C games you can construct multiple structures simultaneously by building more Dozers from the Command Centre. Once all your Dozers have been destroyed you cannot build or repair anything.




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