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Burst Drone Burst Drone - Cost: $300
This dragonfly-looking unit makes for a great scout as it's not burdened with a weapon. It hovers just above the ground which makes for a high top speed and great manoeuvrability, however it does sacrifice armour to do this. The drone can clamp onto an enemy unit and interfere with the drive system, slowing it down and revealing fog of war wherever it may go. If a leeched vehicle is sent to a war factory the Burst Drone will be destroyed by the repair drones.
Self Destruct Self Destruct
Causes a small explosion which will destroy or damage the vehicle it was attached to.

Imperial Warrior Imperial Warrior - Cost: $150
The Empire's standard infantry unit is equipped with a machine gun for anti-infantry in normal combat, but also a sword for use with their secondary ability.
Imperial Warrior Banzai Charge
When facing impossible odds, a warrior can choose to brandish his sword and charge the enemy. If he makes it to the target alive the sword is deadly and will kill in a single blow.

Engineer Engineer - Cost: $500
Engineers offer a wide array of strategic options in battle. One engineer has the potential to capture an enemy building, repair your own structures by entering them and restoring them to full health. They can also capture the neutral technology buildings such as oil derricks. However despite these advantages engineers are reasonably slow and very vulnerable so need to be protected.
Sprint Sprint
Engineers are notoriously slow, but this ability will give the engineer a much needed speed boost. But bear in mind that engineers spend more time pouring over blueprints than physical training, so they get tired quickly and will need to catch their breath eventually.

Tank Buster Tank Buster - Cost: $300
Tank Busters provide amazing anti-armour support as well as anti-air defence. They are most effective in groups of 5 as they can destroy most units before they are squashed or shot themselves. They are slow and so are vulnerable to being run over, and cannot defend themselves against infantry attacks.
Tank Buster Spider Hole
Their armored headgear allows them to dig tiny spider holes and then act as a manhole cover to protect himself from being crushed beneath tank tracks, or attacks they are not equipped to deal with (such as anti-infantry units). They can then pop out to fire.

Shinobi Shinobi - Cost: $1000
A Shinobi is a master swordsman, capable of decimating enemy ranks with his deadly sharp sword. His ninja skills and lack of heavy weaponry means he is very quick and agile.
Smoke Bomb Smoke Bomb
Throwing down a smoke bomb stuns enemy infantry for a time, allowing the Shinobi to make a devastating entrance, or a quick getaway.

Rocket Angel Rocket Angel - Cost: $900
The Rocket Angel is equipped with an advanced exo skeleton suit which grants her the power of flight. Her primary weapon is a Photon Rocket Launcher which is great against armoured vehicles and structures.
Paralysis Whip Paralysis Whip
A rather self-explanatory ability really; a whip raps around its target preventing them from operating.

Yuriko Omega Yuriko Omega - Cost: $2000
Quite possibly the epitome of Japanese culture; the innocent schoolgirl with pigtails. But Yuriko isn't quite so innocent, she harnesses telekinetic powers to hurl units into the air and destroy them or grabaircraft and crash them, when facing structures she literally tears them apart.
Psychokinetic Burst Psychokinetic Burst
If Yuriko is being overwhelmed, she can boil the brains of her attackers, killing them instantly.

Mecha Tengu Mecha Tengu / Jet Tengu - Cost: $800
This multi-function transforming unit is extremely versatile, in its Mecha form it performs a tier 1 anti-infantry role, but when transformed into Jet mode it becomes a powerful air superiority fighter capable of taking on the Allied Apollo Fighter.
Transform Transform
Toggles form between Mecha and Jet Tengu mode.

Tsunami Tank Tsunami Tank - Cost: $1000
The Tsunami Tank is the Empire's tank unit, and perhaps the only conventional land unit. A medium tank with a powerful cannon but less armour than the Soviet Hammer. That said, it's not quite so conventional in that it is the only amphibious tank; when entering water the three tracks rotate to form pontoons.
Kagami Armour Kagami Armour
This ability activates an invisible army of nanomachines which sacrifice themselves to repel the next attack against the Tsunami. This is particularly helpful is a superweapon strike it heading your way.

Striker VX Striker-VX / Chopper-VX - Cost: $1200
Another transforming unit for the Empire side. When in Striker mode the VX is a formidable anti-air unit that for some reason reminds me is a chicken. When transformed it takes to the sky in its helicopter form and is capable of transporting units across the battlefield.
Transform Transform
Toggles form between Striker and Chopper VX mode.

King Oni King Oni - Cost: $2000
This battle walker is the most formidable land unit in the Empire's army. The Radient Eyeblasters in the unit's "eyes" are capable of producing such intense temperatures that it literally melts armoured units in seconds whilst its incredible armour is near impenetrable by conventional weapons.
Bull Rush Bull Rush
The armour plating is particularly thick on the King's shoulders, enabling it to charge into enemy forces and destroy them as if they were flies. Even mighty concrete structures stand little chance against such a powerful charge.

Wave Force Artillery Wave Force Artillery - Cost: $1800
Using some form of sonic weaponry, the Wave Force Artillery is capable of shaking apart units and structures over distances, however the wave does dissipate over distance so its range is not quite as impressive as the Allied Athena Cannon. Significant power is used with each attack so it takes some time for the generators to recharge, leaving the unit defenceless.
Premature Discharge Premature Discharge
To solve the problem of slow rate of fire, the commander can order the weapon fired before it is fully charged. However while this increases the ROF it does mean each wave does less damage.

Ore Collector Ore Collector - Cost: $1400
This unit is primarily used for the collection of Ore from nodes, both land-locked and sea-based, and transportation back to the refinery. Without one your army will be crippled, so it's essential you keep them defended and alive.
Convertible Gun Convertible Gun
Rotates the Ore storage compartment to reveal a light mounted gun capable of defending itself against infantry. Equipping the gun does mean that any ore collected is dumped in a little pile.

Sudden Transport Sudden Transport - Cost: $500
The Empire's transport unit is similar to the Allied Spy in that it has the ability to take the form of an enemy unit and blend right in.

Yari Mini Sub Yari Mini Sub - Cost: $800
The Yavi is primarily designed for scouting duties out at sea. It is a small, fast and discrete unit armed only with small torpedoes.
Yari Mini Sub Kamikaze
The submarine crew make the ultimate sacrifice; setting the engines to full and heading straight for an enemy target. The combination of speed and explosive torpedoes causes significant damage!

Sea Wing Sea-Wing / Sky-Wing - Cost: $1100
The third Empire transforming unit, the Wings are pretty much that; a delta shaped wing with a static cockpit. When transforming from submarine to aircraft mode the wing rotates to provide the required shape for producing lift. To be capable of air flight the submarine has to be lightly armed, having little impact on mighty ships, but it fares better when making aerial attacks against land units.
Sea Wing Transform
Toggles form between Sea and Sky Wing mode.

Naginata Cruiser Naginata Cruiser - Cost: $1800
The cruiser is a ship hunter, designed to take out the Soviet and Allied navy with its torpedoes. It's also very effective against structures built on water, but lacks any desk-mounted weapons so is unable to attack land based targets.
Torpedo Type-S Torpedo Type-S
Fire all torpedoes! This ability reconfigures the torpedo tubes to fire in a fan formation, useful if you're facing a substantial enemy force.

Shogun Battleship Shogun Battleship - Cost: $2200
The superiority of the Aircraft Carrier is seriously being challenged by the Shogun. Its large deck-mounted cannons are reminiscent of the Allied Cruiser from the first war, but the projectiles have been updated to heavy plasma disks that can decimate it target. However the disks aren't aerodynamically perfect so don't always hit the intended target, but splash damage is always handy.
Ramming Speed Ramming Speed
Full steam ahead! Usually the Shogun has a pretty leisurely pace, but this ability erects a shield on the bow which will destroy any ships that get in your way.

Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) - Cost: $5000
The MCV is the most important ground unit at the start of any game, as it forms the heart of your base, and allows you to produce structures and defences. If you lose your only MCV in battle, then you can no longer expand your base, and so every building you lose you cannot replace, unless you build another MCV, which are very expensive.
Deploy Deploy
This unit can deploy to grant the an Empire commander the ability to produce nano cores and expand a base.




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