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Construction Yard Construction Yard - Cost: $N/A
All life for your campaign begins here. This is the most vital structure in the game, if it is destroyed, your chances of winning are very small! It is needed to construct other buildings, so defending it should be priority one.

Tesla Reactor Tesla Reactor - Cost: $800
These are also vital structures, providing power to your base, allowing defences to defend, Construction Yards to construct, and War Factories to build tanks. Without the necessary amount of power plants, your base defences will not function, and it will drastically slow down, if not halt, your production of further units. Although some defences such as the pill box do not require power, your most powerful defences do.

Barracks Barracks - Cost: $500
This structure allows you to train troops and build base defences. Later, more defences and infantry will become available.

Ore Refinery Ore Refinery - Cost: $1000
The Ore Refinery is the heart of your economy, and it is where your War Miners deposit the ore, which is then turned into cash by this structure. Defending this miner and structure is important as they, although strong, are an easy target for enemy commanders.

Radar Radar - Cost: $1000
The Soviets have no use for airfields, so this structure activates the radar.

War Factory War Factory - Cost: $2000
This building enables the construction of tanks, transports, Slave Miners and MCVs, thus making it very important to you.

Naval Shipyard Naval Shipyard - Cost: $1000
This structure is used for producing all naval units, including giant squid. Your navy is an important part of your forces, as they can defend your base and form a blockade around your opponent. Your naval shipyard must obviously be placed in water, but try to keep it as near to the land as possible, so that some of your ground defences can protect it.

Service Depot Service Depot - Cost: $800
This structure only costs $800 but is a worthy long term investment as it can repair any damaged vehicles when they are placed on the platform. During this process a small fee is deducted from your finances, but this is much more viable considering the cost of purchasing a new unit.

Battle Lab Battle Lab - Cost: $2000
This large tower allows the Soviets to construct the more high tech units and structures. This structure is weak, very expensive and consumes a lot of power but is a necessity as you will need to tech up to stand a chance of survival against the enemy.

Nuclear Reactor Nuclear Reactor - Cost: $2000
This structure has both advantages and disadvantages. Its main advantage is that this structure provides an incredible amount of power at a relatively cheap price, as at least 4 tesla reactors would be needed to match the power output. However although this structure is reasonably well armoured, if it is destroyed then it will have a similar effect to a nuclear missile being dropped on your base, with large areas of green fallout, killing all infantry units, and damaging vehicles and structures.

Fortress Wall Fortress Wall - Cost: $100
Walls are a static defence system designed to repulse enemy infantry and tanks. Certain vehicles can shoot over it, such as the Prism Tank and IFV. Infantry can't shoot or pass through it.

Sentry Gun Sentry Gun - Cost: $500
The Soviet version of the Pillbox, the Sentry Gun is a relatively cheap and effective defense unit against enemy infantry attacks, as it can dish it out as well as it takes it. It is weaker against armored units, however, and thus the Sentry Gun should be used purely as a supplementary defense unit, and not as a primary one.

Tesla Coil Tesla Coil - Cost: $1500
This structure is a powerful defence against both infantry and vehicles alike. It fires a powerful bolt of electricity at vehicles, and kills infantry units in one shot. The towers can be supercharged by placing additional tesla troops nearby to increase their range and power. This also means that if your power is disrupted, the Tesla coils will still fire which is a decisive advantage.

Flak Cannon Flak Cannon - Cost: $1000
Despite being a large drain on base power this is the only Soviet structure that can defend against aerial attack. This weapon is particularly effective against rocketeers, and can damage more than one unit if the aircraft are flying in a close formation.

Psychic Sensor Psychic Sensor - Cost: $1000
The Psychic Sensor is the result of years of Soviet research into psychic powers married to advanced technology. While it's no replacement for solid defense savvy, the Psychic Sensor can help protect your base during particularly brutal assaults, as the Sensor lets you see orders given by the enemy within the device's radius. Only build it if you have the credits to spare, however.

Cloning Vats Cloning Vats - Cost: $2500
Soviet advances in cloning technology led to the development of the Cloning Vat, which gives its army a two-for-one deal on infantry units: for ever unit produced out of the Barracks, one freebie comes out of the Cloning Vat. Indispensable for infantry-rush-based tactics, especially exotic ones such as Yuris or Engineers. The Cloning Vat is perfect for allowing overwhelming en masse attacks that can confound and bewilder your opponent.

Iron Curtain Iron Curtain - Cost: $2500
This powerful piece of Soviet technology makes your units and structures invulnerable for a short period of time, making the Iron Curtain an excellent offensive structure. When used correctly, it can make invulnerable up to nine tanks. Now imagine nine invulnerable Apocalypse tanks tearing through the enemy base -- pretty, ain't it? Since the effect lasts a little under 30 seconds, target your opponent's most crucial structures first, such as War Factories, Con Yard and Ore Refineries. By then, his tech and economy will be so crippled there'll be little left for him to do but watch you finish off his base. However, you can pretty much guarantee that once your opponent knows you're making an Iron Curtain, he's going to opt for a pre-emptive strike, so always brace yourself for a counterattack. As with all S.Weapons, when the Silo is deployed, the shroud surrounding it is removed, a countdown begins and an audio warning is issued to all players.

Nuke Silo Nuke Silo - Cost: $5000
The crown jewel of the Soviet offense, the Nuclear Silo launches a sizeable nuke that can, if deployed correctly, devastate an enemy base. The initial explosion is incredible, and the resulting radiation takes care of any infantry left over. However, be aware that the Nuclear Missile Silo is a heavy investment in terms of time and money, and ask yourself if that 5,000 credits might not be better spent on a formidable assault team. Sometimes a conventional force is more effective. However, on navy-based maps, a well-placed nuke can spell victory. As with all S.Weapons, when the Silo is deployed, the shroud surrounding it is removed, a countdown begins and an audio warning is issued to all players.




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