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Desolator Desolator
Is this the return of the Iraqi Desolator from Red Alert 2? The Desolator has two main forms of attack. He can fire a powerful radiation cannon that turns enemy infantry units into green slime, thanks to a very cool animation. However the second attack of the Desolator is the most deadly, as when deployed he poisons a vast section of terrain. This turns the ground green with nuclear fallout, making it impassable for enemy infantry. However in this mode, the Desolator cannot defend himself.

Grinder Grinder
Take the Crusher Crane and add wheels, that pretty much sums up the Grinder. It is capable of chewing up any and all unit on both land and sea.
No Image Turbo Charge
Adding a Turbocharger to the Grinder grants a temporary boost of speed capable of catching anything on the battlefield.

Reaper Reaper
The Reaper more than compensates for the Sickle's lack of anti-armour and air capabilities. Instead of the Sickle's signature heavy machine guns, the Reaper features three independently-articulated grenade launchers. In addition to that, a swivel-mounted rocket launcher is mounted to the atop pod to target aircraft.
No Image Proto Jump
Performs a Sickle-esque flea jump, however the heavy armaments are more than the legs can bear and upon landing inevitably break, forming what is effectively a defensive turret.




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