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Sentry Drone Sentry Drone - Cost: $800
The Sentry Drone is a stealthed scout unit whose primary purpose is to scout ahead and reveal the terrain and enemy base without being spotted. It can be upgraded with a 20mm machine gun to give it some protection against infantry attacks; this does not make this unit an attacking or defensive unit. Due the immense power load required to operate the stealth system - the Sentry Drone is only stealthed when immobile.
Sentry Drone Gun Sentry Drone Gun - Cost: $1000
Upgrades the Sentry Drone with a 20mm machine gun that enables the Sentry Drone to be used for hit and run tactics against infantry, and gives it the ability to defend itself.

Microwave Tank Microwave Tank - Cost: $800
The Microwave Tank emits a beam of such a refined microwave frequency that it disables the electronic systems within structures and vehicles, disabling them, while being harmful to infantry. It is slow and lightly armoured so must be accompanied by other units especially as it has no destructive capability.

Avenger Avenger - Cost: $2000
In itself, the Avenger is an anti-aircraft defence unit, it is also equipped with a Point Defence Laser that enables units to fire faster and with more accurately at the 'painted' target in a similar style to the laser missile attack the Missile Defender has.




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