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GI GI - Cost: $200
The GI is the main allied infantry unit, and is the best all round infantry unit available. GI's can be built quickly and cheaply, and can inflict a reasonable amount of damage considering their low cost. The GI can be deployed, offering a heavy machine gun and sandbags for slightly more protection. In this position, the GI can inflict substantial damage, especially against advancing infantry, and even tanks and structures, but it cannot move.

Engineer Engineer - Cost: $200
Engineers are unarmed infantry units, but offer a wide array of strategic options in battle. One engineer has the potential to capture a building, and can be used to destroy or repair bridges by entering the bridge hut. Engineers can also repair your own buildings by entering them, and restoring them to full health. They can also capture the neutral technology buildings such as oil derricks. However despite these advantages, engineers are reasonably slow and very vulnerable and need to be protected.

Rocketeer Rocketeer - Cost: $600
The Rocketeer is the airborne version of the allied GI, and uses a powerful machine gun to attack both ground and air targets. However it should be noted that the short range of the Rocketeer means it can only fire a few shots at aircraft before they are out of the range, inflicting only minimal damage. It can easily be shot down by enemy AA fire. The Rocketeer costs substantially more than the standard GI, but its speed makes it an excellent scout.

Spy Spy - Cost: $1000
The Spy is the master of stealth on the battlefield, and like the engineer, is an unarmed unit who can boost your tactical options in battle. When purchased, the spy exits from your barracks and will be recognised by the enemy, and attacked. In order to best use the spy, select the unit and then left click on an enemy infantry unit. The spy will then disguise himself as the enemy unit, and will not be attacked by your enemy's infantry, vehicles or defences. However attack dogs are not fooled by the spy, and since the spy is defenceless and expensive, avoid attack dogs. If you manage to infiltrate your opponents base, the spy can have different effects depending on the building he enters:
  • Barracks: Infantry are created veteran,
  • War Factory: Vehicles are created veteran,
  • Power Plant: The enemy will go offline for a short time,
  • Ore Refinery: You steal the credits contained in this refinery,
  • Battle Lab: You gain the ability to train a special infantry unit,
  • Radar/AFC: All shroud is reset for your enemy.

Tanya Tanya - Cost: $600
Tanya is the allied hero unit, and is the most versatile allied infantry unit. Tanya is about as fast as a typical GI, but has the ability to swim across rivers and oceans. Her main weapon is ineffective against tanks, but kills enemy infantry units with a single shot. Tanya also has the ability to plant C4 charges on enemy structures.

Attack Dog Attack Dog - Cost: $600
The attack dog is your first, last and only defence against enemy spies sabotaging your base. Attack dogs are very cheap to produce, but are very vulnerable to attack. They are excellent against enemy infantry, they can cut down a batallion in seconds. Best used in combination with other infantry, this makes up for their lack of strength, as the enemy will attack all of your troops, and not just the attack dogs.

Chrono Legionnaire Chrono Legionnaire - Cost: $600
A Chrono Legionnaire teleports around the map instead of walking, and this means he can instantly appear anywhere on the map. However depending on the distance involved, it takes the Chrono legionnaire time to "phase back in," and during this period the unit cannot attack, and is extremely vulnerable to any enemy attack. The Chrono Legionnaire's weapon does not destroy units, but erases them from time. However this is not instant, as the Chrono Legionnaire targets the building, which then is partially erased until the attack has finished. More powerful units and stronger structures take longer to erase than weaker ones. A Chrono Legionnaire can only target one enemy at a time, and so they are best used in small groups.

Chrono Commando Chrono Commando - Cost: $2000
Available once your spy has infiltrated an Allied Battle Lab. The Chrono Commando is esentially a SEAL who can Chronoshift - making for a lethal covert ops. unit!

PSI Commando PSI Commando - Cost: $1000
Available once your spy has infiltrated a Soviet Battle Lab. He has the ability to manipulate one enemy unit at a time, and place C4s on structures.

Grizzly Battle Tank Grizzly Battle Tank - Cost: $700
The Grizzly tank is the general all purpose allied tank. Although it is not as powerful or strong as its Soviet counterpart, the Grizzly tank is faster and so can be used for hit and run attacks. The Grizzly tank is very weak against infantry, and the best way to deal with infantry is to run 'em over! The advantage of the Grizzly tank is its low cost and quick build speed, and so they are best used in groups. In this way, although each Grizzly is weaker than the Soviet Rhino tank, there will be more Grizzly tanks than enemy tanks, allowing you to fire more volleys at once than your enemy.

Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) - Cost: $600
The IFV is the most versatile unit on the allied side, as the vehicle alters its weapon configuration depending on what unit is placed inside of it:
  • Engineer: Repair IFV - Capable of repairing any friendly vehicle,
  • GI + other infantry: Machine Gun IFV - Basically a stronger, faster GI,
  • Sniper: Sniper IFV - Faster, better-armoured sniper,
  • Chrono Legionnaire: Chrono IFV - Not able to Chronoshift but provides the CL with more armour,
  • Tesla Trooper: Tesla IFV - Fast Tesla Trooper,
  • Crazy Ivan: Crazy IFV - Fast, less powerfull Demo Truck,
  • Yuri: Yuri IFV - Faster, heavier armoured Yuri
The IFV is very inexpensive, and is one of the fastest allied units available which makes it an excellent scout. The default weapon of the IFV is a rocket launcher, which is very weak. However if an IFV becomes an elite unit, the rocket weapon is devastating against anything.

Mirage Tank Mirage Tank - Cost: $1000
The Mirage tank is very similar to the Grizzly tank in terms of its strength and speed, however it has a decisive advantage as when not moving, it changes it appearance to resemble a tree on the battlefield. This allows them to blend in with the terrain, and they are excellent for surprise attacks. Although the Mirage tank is very weak, their firepower is excellent. Used in groups of 6, they can stop any oncoming Tanks, and they can kill infantry units in one shot.

Prism Tank Prism Tank - Cost: $1200
Using a more powerful version of the Allied Prism Tower as a weapon, if reflects and focuses the sun's light onto the enemy unit. If the P Tank is close enough to the unit being attacked, the beam will spread and damage other units close to it. Prism Tanks are effective against everything, however, they are very expensive and quite slow. It is also very vulnerable to infantry units, as 5 GI's would certainly be able to take out a Prism tank at close range.

Chrono Miner Chrono Miner - Cost: $1000
The Chrono Miner is your main source of collecting resources to turn into money to enable you to purchase structures and units to defeat your opponent. The Chrono Miner moves to the ore like a normal vehicle and collects it, but when it is full it chronospheres back to your base. Aside from increasing the speed with which you can collect resources, it means that if your Chrono Miner is attacked, you can instantly move it away from the threat.

Harrier Harrier - Cost: $1200
The Harrier is the only allied aircraft, and Harriers are produced at the Air Force Command Headquarters. They are very expensive to build, and are vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire. They are best used in pairs to destroy oncoming powerful but weak weapons, such as a Prism or Mirage Tank, or in groups of 10 to take out key buildings.

Night Hawk Transport Night Hawk Transport - Cost: $1000
The Night Hawk Transport is capable of carrying up to 5 infantry units and transporting them by air anywhere on the map quickly, and in secret as the Night Hawk does not appear on your opponents radar. Although the Night Hawk has a small machine gun, which is useful for taking out the odd enemy infantry unit, they are very vulnerable to attack.

Amphibious Transport Amphibious Transport - Cost: $900
The AT can carry 12 infantry or 4 vehicles over land and sea. It has no weapons but can crush enemy infantry. It is not invisible to radar like the NHT and quite slow.

Destroyer Destroyer - Cost: $1000
The Destroyer is the main all purpose allied vessel, capable of attacking targets on land and sea. The Destroyer is also capable of protecting itself against submarines, as the Osprey gunship takes off and fires depth charges at submarines, normally destroying them in two strafing runs. The destroyer can also inflict reasonable damage against shoreline structures.

Aegis Cruiser Aegis Cruiser - Cost: $1200
My favourite naval unit, the Aegis cruiser is used to defend against aerial attacks. An elite Aegis cruiser can take out anything, easily destroying a flight of four Harriers within seconds. It is worth having half a dozen aegis cruisers around the perimeter of your base if you are near the sea, to protect against any aerial attacks or paratroopers. However the Aegis cruiser cannot attack sea or ground units.

Aircraft Carrier Aircraft Carrier - Cost: $2000
The Aircraft Carrier is the most powerful allied vessel, as it launches three aircraft to attack ground based targets. Despite the cost of an aircraft carrier, any of the fighters that are shot down are automatically replaced. However the aircraft launched are very vulnerable to attack. The best strategy is to send a spy into a base to sabotage the power, and then to use 5 aircraft carriers to attack key installations to cripple the base.

Dolphin Dolphin - Cost: $500
Dolphins are fast stealth units, and their real use is to combat Soviet giant squid, as the dolphin attacks the squid and knocks it off your vessels. The Dolphin is very weak but is most effective in groups, so it's a good thing their cost of training is low.

Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) - Cost: $3000
The MCV is the most important ground unit at the start of any game, as it forms the heart of your base, and allows you to produce structures and defences. If you lose your only MCV in battle, then you can no longer expand your base, and so every building you lose you cannot replace, unless you build another MCV, which are very expensive.




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