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Boris Boris - Cost: $1500
Boris is the Soviet hero unit, making him psychic imune, uncrushable and giving him the ability to heal. He uses a powerful machine gun which can mow down infantry lines and fares quite well against lightly armoured tanks. Instead of using C4s to take out structures, Boris calls in an airstrike of MiGs using his laser targeting device, however the MiGs are vunerable to enemy AA fire.

Siege Chopper Siege Chopper - Cost: $2500
The inclusion of this unit was an attempt to redress the deficit the Soviets had in airpower, as they lacked a fast attack aircraft such as the Harrier. When in flight it is effective against infantry, but it excells when it's deployed, it brings out the big guns, literaly! It becomes an artillery unit bosting huge range, causing devistation without fear of retaliation from base defences. Of course it is vunerable to AA fire.

Spy Plane Spy Plane - Cost: $N/A
Following the construction of a radar, the Spy Plane is available, after it has been constructed, it swoops down to a targeted area and reveals all shroud unless it is gapped. It is vulnerable to AA fire.




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