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Red Guard Red Guard - Cost: $300
As China's strength lies in numbers, two RG's are trained for each request! When faced with close combat fighting, they can change to their bayonet for considerable damage. Also when in groups of 5 or more they receive Horde Bonus that increases their firepower. Their weaponry is not as advanced as the Ranger's but the numerical advantage means the fight will be a close one.

Tank Hunter Tank Hunter - Cost: $300
Tank Hunters provide amazing anti-armour support as well as anti-air defence. They are most effective in groups of 5 as they can destroy most units before they are squashed or shot themselves. They are slow and so are vulnerable to being run over, and cannot defend themselves against infantry attacks.

Hacker Hacker - Cost: $625
The Hacker uses his laptop to steal money from the internet to fund your war efforts. To be most effective, you should train many as in large groups they bring in lot of cash! They also have the ability to neutralise structures and units. They possess no offensive weapons so shouldn't be used in an attack.

Black Lotus Black Lotus - Cost: $1500
Able to capture structures, disrupt vehicles and steal money and remain sheathed at the same time makes the Black Lotus very difficult to detect and stop. However, if she is detected, she is completely defenceless as she carries no weapon. Once a Black Lotus is in your base she's very difficult to stop.

Battlemaster Tank Battlemaster Tank - Cost: $800
The basic tank for China, it is cheap but slightly lacking behind the Crusader in terms of speed and firepower. However they have the advantage of numbers and can overwhelm more expensive units. The Uranium Shells upgrade increases it's firepower and anti-infantry effectiveness. The Nuclear Tanks upgrade increases speed. It also benefits from the Horde Bonus, increasing firepower.

Inferno Cannon Inferno Cannon - Cost: $900
An artillery platform enables China to lob napalm shells over enemy defences and cause considerable damage. However due to the slow speed of the unit and shells it has no short range weapon or self defensive capabilities.

Dragon Tank Dragon Tank - Cost: $800
This unit's effectiveness against infantry and light armour most definitely can't be taken lightly, it can toast such units in seconds and melt the heavily armoured vehicles and structures. When the tank is being attacked from all directions, the firewall allows it to attack 360º.

Troop Crawler Troop Crawler - Cost: $1400
The crawler is an APC that comes equipped with 8 Red Guard. However these can be substituted for any combination of infantry unit. It is also equipped with stealth detection equipment, so it's useful to have one hanging around in the back of your base to neutralise enemy ambushes.

Overlord Tank Overlord Tank - Cost: $2000
The granddaddy of all land vehicles, the Overlord boasts more armour and firepower than any other unit. Furthermore it can be equipped with either a gattling cannon, bunker or speaker tower to further increase its effectiveness. However, the Overlord isn't going to be getting speeding tickets any time soon, so some sort of cover or distraction will be required to stop your enemy executing a pre-emptive strike.
Gattling Cannon Gattling Cannon - Cost: $1200
Upgrades the Overlord with a Gattling Cannon on top, providing anti-air and anti-infantry cover.
Speaker Tower Speaker Tower - Cost: $500
Plonks a Speaker Tower on top of the Overlord meaning it can heal other units in the field.
Battle Bunker Battle Bunker - Cost: $400
Sticks a Battle Bunker on top of the Overlord which enables you to place extra troops inside for extra firepower!

Gattling Tank Gattling Tank - Cost: $800
Effectively a Gattling Cannon on wheels, albeit rather lightly armoured wheels. It spews lead at infantry and aircraft with lethal results, however heavier vehicles fare a little better.

Nuke Cannon Nuke Cannon - Cost: $1600
The Nuke Cannon dishes out mini-nukes decimating enemy structures in seconds from an incredibly long distance. However it is a little light on the armour side, otherwise it wouldn't be able to move at all, and if it is destroyed it results in a small nuclear explosion.

Supply Truck Supply Truck - Cost: $600
The Supply Truck acquires supplies from supply piles and brings them back to the Supply Depot.

MiG MiG - Cost: $1200
Equipped with dual Napalm bombs, the MiG is very effective against groups of infantry, and the ability to create a firestorm is extremely effective against destroying structures and the GLA hole that appears.

Construction Dozer Construction Dozer - Cost: $1000
The Construction Dozer is the life of your base, it is this vehicle that constructs and repairs structures. Unlike previous C&C games you can construct multiple structures simultaneously by building more Dozers from the Command Centre. Once all your Dozers have been destroyed you cannot build or repair anything.




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