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Battle Bunker Battle Bunker - Cost: $500
Similar to the neutral bunkers scattered around the world, these structures allows upto 5 infantry units to be garrisioned inside. Because it is owned by the Soviets, it can be repaired like any other structure.

Industrial Plant Industrial Plant - Cost: $2500
Although this structure is relatively expensive an very weak, it reduces the cost of all vehicles by 25%, which is important due to the cost of the Apocalypse tank, and the Kirov airship, and it reduces the time required to build all vehicles. This structure is a worthwhile investment, but keep it safe at the back of your base.

Force Shield Force Shield - Cost: $N/A
When activated via the Battle Lab, the Force Shield puts up a force field around the targeted structure(s) rendering them impervious to any attack. However the force field drains so much power that all base power is lost, and the field can only be maintained for a short time before it must be shut down to prevent damage to power plants.




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