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Shock Trooper Shock Trooper - Cost: $900
Shock Troopers carry on their backs large battery packs which discharge jolts of electricity to enemy units and structures. Their slow speed means they are best transported by APCs, Chinooks or LSTs. They cannot be run over, making them invaluable against vehicles.

Tesla Tank Tesla Tank - Cost: $1500
The Tesla Tank takes the ultimate destructive power of the Tesla Coil into the battlefield. It's long range and powerful electrical shocks make it good for both offence and defence. It can be used to compliment Tesla Coils, and in case of a low-power situation, ensure that Soviet bases aren't un-defended.

MAD Tank MAD Tank - Cost: $2300
MAD is quite an appropriate name for this unit, the Mutually Assured Destruction Tank builds up a powerful harmonic shockwave, which when fully charged, destroys itself and everything (except infantry) within a very large radius.
If the tank is destroyed before it can be detonated, then all effects are neutralized.

Missile Submarine Missile Submarine - Cost: $1650
Realizing that their navy lacked sea-land capabilities, the Soviets came up with the Missile Sub. It launches missiles at land targets, however has lost the ability to attack marine targets. It also has the added advantage over the Cruiser that it is invisible to the enemy until it's too late.




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