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Drone Platform Drone Platform - Cost: $2500
Everyone hated Dozers in Generals, so EA have done the right thing and brought the Construction Yard back, or as the Scrin call it, the Drone Platform. It is needed to construct other buildings and provides radar, so defending it should be priority one.

Reactor Reactor - Cost: $4000
These are also vital structures, providing power to your base, allowing defences to defend, Drone Platforms to construct, and Warp Spheres to build tanks. Without the necessary amount of power plants, your base defences will not function, and it will drastically slow down, if not halt your production of further units.
Fusion Core Fusion Core - Cost: $400
These are placed on the reactors to increase power output. They are only a fraction of the cost of an entirely new reactor and don't use up any space on the battlefield, however if an upgraded reactor is destroyed, the power loss will be more significant.

Foundry Foundry - Cost: $1500
Foundries provide a second production queue, this way you can produce two structures simultaneously. They cannot build defensive structures.

Portal Portal - Cost: $600
This structure allows you to transport troops onto the battlefield and build base defences. Later, more defences and infantry will become available.

Extractor Extractor - Cost: $2000
The Extractor is the heart of your economy, and it is where your harvesters deposit the Tiberium, which is then turned into cash by this structure. Defending this miner and structure is important as they, although strong, are an easy target for enemy commanders. Unlike human technology, the Scrin have no need for Silos and can store limitless volumes of Tiberium.

Stasis Chamber Stasis Chamber - Cost: $1200
The Stasis Chamber is needed to facilitate the transport of advanced units such as the Mastermind and Shock Trooper through the Portal.

Nerve Centre Nerve Centre - Cost: $1500
The Nerve Centre networks with distant forces to access the more high-tech structures. It can deploy a Lightning Spike anywhere on the battlefield to aid the defence of friendly forces.

Warp Sphere Warp Sphere - Cost: $2000
This building enables the transportation of tanks, transports, harvesters and Drone Ships onto the battlefield, thus making it very important to you. The automated repair drones that hover outside will automatically repair any friendly vehicle in the immediate vicinity.

Gravity Stabilizer Gravity Stabilizer - Cost: $1000
Teleporting aircraft is a tricky business, the Gravity Stabilizer manipulates gravitational fields to ensure the journey is safe, allowing a Scrin commander to deploy aircraft on the battlefield.

Technology Assembler Technology Assembler - Cost: $4000
This thin building allows Scrin to construct the more high tech units and structures. This structure is weak, very expensive and consumes a lot of power but is a necessity as you will need to tech up to stand a chance of survival against the enemy.

Signal Transmitter Signal Transmitter - Cost: $3000
This structure's main purpose it to call an enormous Scrin Mothership. It can also be used to open rift portals that allow for the transportation of units anywhere on the battlefield!

Buzzer Hives Buzzer Hives - Cost: $600
The Buzzer Hive is Scrin's anti-infantry defence. It contains a squad of Buzzers that can is effectively eliminate infantry and lightly armoured vehicles, but are useless against heavy armour. Should the Buzzers be killed, the Hive will quickly span another squad.

Photon Cannon Photon Cannon - Cost: $1200
This hand-shaped cannon fires blasts of photons which are great at taking out armoured units, but less so against infantry. As with all defences it can detect stealthed units.

Plasma Missile Battery Plasma Missile Battery - Cost: $800
The Plasma Missile Battery provides defence solely against enemy aircraft. The plasma disks are highly accurate and can reduce the light armour of aircraft to molten metal in seconds.

Storm Column Storm Column - Cost: $3000
The most expensive Tier 3 base defence has a dual function; not only does the localised ion storm it generates attack ground and air targets, but it also increases the firepower and repairs nearby friendly aircraft.

Growth Accelerator Growth Accelerator - Cost: $1500
Utilising the Scrin's unique knowledge of Tiberium, the Growth Accelerator boosts the speed with which Tiberium fields regrow.

Rift Generator Rift Generator - Cost: $5000
Given the Scrin's extensive use of teleportation technology it is hardly surprising that it has been turned into a deadly weapon. When charged a massive rift can be formed on the battlefield, transporting anything unfortunate enough to be within the radius into deep space.




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