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Soldier Soldier - Cost: $0
He carries the Raptor Auto Rifle and is the standard Nod Grunt, he's not particularly heavily armoured but can get around quickly and does little more than laying down covering fire.
The gun is a good all rounder against infantry, but useless against vehicles and therefore a waste of ammo against structures.

Minigunner Minigunner - Cost: $175
Similar to the Soldier, but with a gun which has a much higher rate of fire. The Officer has the ability to call in reinforcements to hinder you.
The chaingun is extremely effective against infantry, but less so against vehicles and structures. The barrel is rotated by a high velocity chain.

Black Hand Sniper Black Hand Sniper - Cost: $500
He is equipped with a silenced sniper rifle with high-zoom and night vision scope which enables him to pick off enemy troops from great distances, however he has no close-quarters combat abilities.
The special feature of this sniper rifle is the high-listen mic that allows you to hear what the people in your scope are saying.
Luckily, each clip is rather small and they must re-load often, giving you a window to take them out.

Rocketeer Rocketeer - Cost: $225
He is equipped with a Rocket Launcher which fires Rocket Missiles surprisingly. Each clip contains 5 projectiles.
It's deadly against infantry because of the splash damage, good against vehicles and moderately effective on structures. The main disadvantage is the speed at which you run through ammo.

Sakura Sakura - Cost: $1000
Just as talented and lethal as Havoc, she is a freelance Commando and follows the money.
She was originally in the Dead 6 with the rest of the team, but during an operation was captured, she now works for the Brotherhood. She shows some loyalty towards GDI and Havoc, so, maybe not all hope is lost.
In multiplayer she is equiped with the mighty Ramjet Rifle; guaranteed to kill infantry in one shot where-ever they are hit, destroy aircraft in two or three, and seriously damage tanks.

Chem Warrior Chem Warrior - Cost: $150
Equipped with the Venom chemical sprayer and some canisters of Tiberium compound. This gas is extremely effective against infantry as the effects of the Tiberium last even after you have stopped hitting them. However, it's useless against vehicles and does have a limited range compared with those of other weapons.
The Hazard Suit that must be worn while boasting this weapon is Tiberium immune, meaning that you can cross Tiberium fields with it which can prove advantageous.

Flamethrower Flamethrower - Cost: $0
The Dragonfly Flamethrower releases a jet of extremely high temperature fire. The effects of the flame continue to burn after being hit.
It is the shortest-range weapon, so the tactic is to take them out from long range. It is an excellent anti-infantry weapon and it has been designed that way, so stay out of the range as much as possible.
The suit they ware is fire proof, so using a Flamethrower against them is useless. Due to the large tanks for fuel they carry on their backs, they tend to explode when killed.

Stealth Black Hand Stealth Black Hand - Cost: $450
The Firefly Laser Rifle portable obelisk module weapon carried by this infantry is pretty deadly, the laser it fires will make short work of infantry and it is mildly effective against light armour, however it is useless against anything more armoured then a Buggy.
But where this sneaky character really comes into his own is the fact that he can cloak in a similar fashion to the Stealth Tank, this means he can appear behind you and start firing without you noticing, or enables you to sneak right into an enemy base!

Black Hand Laser Chaingunner Black Hand Laser Chaingunner - Cost: $450
The Tarantula Laser Chaingun this infantry is equipped with is almost identical to the firefly except that it has several barrels rotated by a chain in a similar style to the minigun, the result is devastating against infantry and slightly less so on vehicles.

Engineer Engineer - Cost: $0
The Gizmo they have gradually rearranges the molecules of damaged vehicles, infantry and structures to that of their undamaged state.
The effect is similar to that of a medic on infantry, a mechanic on vehicles and an engineer on structures, restoring the unit's health.

Technician Technician - Cost: $350
The Gizmo they have gradually rearranges the molecules of damaged vehicles, infantry and structures to that of their undamaged state.
The effect is similar to that of a medic on infantry, a mechanic on vehicles and an engineer on structures, restoring the unit's health.
A Technician is quicker at repairing things, and can carry more C4s than then Engineer.

Mendoza Mendoza - Cost: $1000
Mendoza is Raveshaw's right-hand man, he is armed with a flame thrower, which has limited range, therefore the best thing to do is to back off and take him out from a distance using a Sniper Rifle or other long-range weapon. Being a boss character, he has a lot of health, so it'll take quite a few hits to kill him.
In multiplayer he has the Volt Auto Rifle, a killer of a wepaon - litterly!

General Gideon Raveshaw General Gideon Raveshaw - Cost: $1000
This little man is the leader of the Nod faction, The Black Hand. Despite his rather humorous appearance, he is anything but that, his tactics show a reckless disregard for human life; many more civilians are killed in his operations than in normal Nod campaigns.
In multiplayer he possesses a Mass Driver which is similar to the GDI's Personal Ion Cannon.

Shotgunner Shotgunner - Cost: $0
A multiplayer only weapon, the traditional pump-action Shotgun is perfectly suited for its job as a short-range infantry killer. Ideal for repelling enemy infantry rushes or racking up a high kill count right from the start of a game.

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