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Light Infantry Light Infantry - Cost: $120
The Light Battle Infantry are the mainstay of the GDI and the Brotherhood troops. Armed with an M16 Mk. II pulse rifle, they deliver light damage to most targets. Although slow, infantry are capable of movement over varied terrain types with little loss in speed. They are also able to pass through certain terrain or hazards that are inaccessible or damaging to vehicles.

Engineer Engineer - Cost: $500
Engineers are unarmed infantry units, but offer a wide array of strategic options in battle. One engineer has the potential to capture a building, and can be used to destroy or repair bridges by entering the bridge hut. Engineers can also repair your own buildings by entering them, and restoring them to full health. They can also capture the neutral technology buildings such as oil derricks. However despite these advantages, engineers are reasonably slow and very vulnerable and need to be protected.

Cyborg Infantry Cyborg Infantry - Cost: $650
Cyborg Infantry are the result of recent Nod experiments in melding Tiberium mutated humans with machines. They are armed with heavy body armour and a high-power pulse rifle which rip through infantry. Being a Tiberium mutant, it is immune to the substance and can heal when around it.

Rocket Infantry Rocket Infantry - Cost: $250
Nod's heavy infantry carry shoulder mounted rocket launcher that is very effective against vehicles, structures, infantry and aircraft. Because of the increased weight of the rocket launcher, rocket infantry are slower than light battle infantry but are more heavily armoured.

Cyborg Commando Cyborg Commando - Cost: $2000
Those Cyborgs that perform well are further modified and promoted to the Nod Cyborg Commando ranks. Packing enough firepower to take out entire bases, the Cyborg Commando is a large threat on the battlefield. Armed with a plasma cannon, the Commando can make quick work of vehicles, infantry and structures. Being a Tiberium mutant, it is immune to the substance and can heal when placed around it.

Mutant Hijacker Mutant Hijacker - Cost: $1850
Another of the mutant commandos, the Hijacker has the ability to commandeer any vehicle he wishes. Once a vehicle can be stolen the Hijacker cannot be removed from the vehicle until the vehicle is destroyed. When it is, he pops out and is able to steal another vehicle. Like all mutants, the Mutant Hijacker can heal in Tiberium when he is not inside a vehicle.

Attack Buggy Attack Buggy - Cost: $500
Designed for hit and run tactics, as well as recon, the Buggy sacrifices armour for speed. But it is not completely without merit. The speed means you can run over infantry. It's mounted machine gun means that it can take out infantry, but nothing else.

Subterranean APC Subterranean APC - Cost: $800
The Subterranean APC is capable of carrying up to five units underground to a target. When underground the Subterranean APC is invisible to the enemy but can be detected by a GDI Mobile Sensor Array. The APC cannot surface from under certain terrain types, such as pavement and water.

Attack Cycle Attack Cycle - Cost: $600
Primarily used as a scouting unit, the Attack Cycle is Nod's fastest ground unit. Although it trades armour for speed, the Cycle is capable os sustaining moderate damage before before being destroyed. It carries twin rocket launchers capable of hitting both air and ground units.

Tick Tank Tick Tank - Cost: $800
This light battle tank has the ability to burrow itself into the ground to increase its defences and preform mobile battery defence. When burrowed, only the turret and a small part of the unit remains above ground, when un-deployed the Tick Tank is the only traditional tracked tank in the game

Stealth Tank Stealth Tank - Cost: $1100
The latest in covert warefare, the Stealth Tank is a light battle tank that is able to cloak itself in order to remain undetected by enemies. The tank is unable to remain cloaked while firing due to the enormous power drain of the stealth generator. Only infantry and base defences can reveal the Stealth Tank, however, GDI's Mobile Sensor Array can detect a Stealth Tanks's presence.

Artillery Artillery - Cost: $975
Realising they needed a way to deliver damage without fear of retaliation, Nod developed a new long-range artillery platform. The Artillery can pound the enemy outside the range of any defence, and can be used in defence to take out the slower units before they have a chance to bother you. Because of the recoil involved, the unit is unable to fire while undeployed and cannot move while deployed.

Devil's Tongue Flame Tank Devil's Tongue Flame Tank - Cost: $750
Terror is a formidable weapon and the sheer site of this nightmarish unit is enough to cause GDI troops to tremble. Capable of burrowing through all but the hardest of substances, the Devil's Tongue can unleash deadly jets of flame on unsuspecting targets with impunity. The flame is especially effective against infantry and structures although prolonged exposure to its blasts can melt even steel.

Tiberium Harvester Tiberium Harvester - Cost: $750
The Harvester is your main source of collecting resources to turn into money to enable you to purchase structures and units to defeat your opponent. It collects Tiberium and brings it back to the Refinery where it is converted into money. When travelling to and from the Tiberium it moves slowly, but it is heavily armoured. They are easy target for enemy commanders so they should always be escorted.

Harpy Harpy - Cost: $1000
Excellent against infantry and lightly armoured vehicles with its high velocity machine gun. The Harpy is the newest generation of combat helicopters, it can pester enemy units for the length of the battlefield constantly waring away at them. Like all flying units, the Harpy must return to a helipad in order to reload its weapons.

Banshee Banshee - Cost: $1500
Experiments with recovered alien technology has allowed Nod to develop the next generation of fighting aircraft. Code-named the Banshee, this sleek craft is capable of decimating any unit or structure with its twin plasma cannons and usually hits its target before SAM sites can respond!

Weed Eater Weed Eater - Cost: $1400
This Nod vehicle is essentially a massive lawnmover that is used to harvest Tiberium Veins for use in a Chemical Missile. The Weed Eater behaves like a Harvester but with two differences. It harvests Tiberium Veins, not Tiberium Crystals and dumps its cargo at a Tiberium waste facility, not a Refinery. The harvested Tiberium Veins, once processed at a waste facility, can be used to create a deadly Chemical Missile as long as a Missile Silo is present.

Mobile Repair Vehicle Mobile Repair Vehicle - Cost: $1400
This vehicle contains a mechanical arm crammed full with all the tools required to repair any vehicle on the battlefield. The advantages of the MRV over the Service Depot. is that vehicles can be repaied in battle and so vital firepower is not lost, however it is not armed and is vulnerable to attack.

Hunter Seeker Droid Hunter Seeker Droid - Cost: $1000
The Hunter Seeker Droid is able to penetrate any defence because it is so fast. When it is relaesed, it selects an enemy unit or structure at random and will track it. When the droid reaches its target it will self-destruct, thus obliterating itself and the enemy.

Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) - Cost: $3000
The MCV is the most important ground unit at the start of any game, as it forms the heart of your base, and allows you to produce structures and defences. If you lose your only MCV in battle, then you can no longer expand your base, and so every building you lose you cannot replace, unless you build another MCV, which are very expensive.




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