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Initiate Initiate - Cost: $300
Yuri's basic infantry unit is the initiate, and this unit attacks by using the power of its mind, which caused the unit or structure to catch fire. You could argue that the initiate is the best of the three, as its attack is just as powerful as the Allied GI. Remember that the Initiate does not have to be deployed to maximise its damage, unlike the Allied GI.

Engineer Engineer - Cost: $500
Engineers are unarmed infantry units, but offer a wide array of strategic options in battle. One engineer has the potential to capture a building, and can be used to destroy or repair bridges by entering the bridge hut. Engineers can also repair your own buildings by entering them, and restoring them to full health. They can also capture the neutral technology buildings such as oil derricks. However despite these advantages, engineers are reasonably slow and very vulnerable and need to be protected.

Virus Virus - Cost: $700
This deadly unit is comparable to the British sniper, but instead of firing a bullet, the virus fires a toxic dart that causes enemy infantry units to explode, leaving behind a dangerous gas residue that harms other infantry units.

Brute Brute - Cost: $500
Yuri's anti-tank unit, this genetically mutated creature which resembles The Hulk is able to smash vehicles with its huge fists. Unfortuntely, the Brute is not as tough as he looks and can be quite easilly taken out by machine guns.

Yuri Clone Yuri Clone - Cost: $800
Yuri Clone has no weapons, instead he uses his mind to control enemy units making them yours. Unfortunatly, if he is killed, the unit will return to the original owner's side. If he is being overwhelmed, he can boil the brains of the attackers, killing them all instantly. Yuri Clone cannot mind control War Miners, Chrono Miners, Dogs, Aircraft, Terror Drones or other psychic immune units.

Yuri Prime Yuri Prime - Cost: $1500
Besides having his abilities in RA2, Yuri Prime now rides on a gigantic and heavy flying vehicle, so he is much faster than before, but still slow. Also, he is uncrushable and because he is a hero unit also psychic immune. In addition to the above abilities, he is also able to mind control the structures of his opponents. Of course, as a hero unit, he has a build limit of 1, but still could be cloned by using the Cloning Vats so you have 2!

Slave Miner Slave Miner - Cost: $1500
Yuri needs ore too, and his way of getting it is through the Slave Miner. A mobile refinery with five mind-controlled units, the Slave Miner finds an ore patch, parks itself and turns into a refinery. Then it releases its slaves, hapless civilians turned into miner-zombies by Yuri's psychic technology. Since the Slave Miner is also a refinery, Yuri's base is freed from having a vulnerable refinery in it. However, that makes it that much more important that he guard his Slave Miner against attack. If a slave is killed, the Slave Miner will automatically generate a replacement.

Boomer Boomer - Cost: $2000
Yuri can't be said to boast a varied navy, but he can be said to boast a strong one. The Boomer, Yuri's one and only naval unit, is a versatile sub-surface leviathan with surface capabilities. It fires torpedoes against submarines and destroyers and can surface to pound land targets with ICBMs. This well-rounded naval warfare machine is at its most vulnerable when surfacing to take out land targets; that's when the Boomer is susceptible to aerial attack.

Magnetron Magnetron - Cost: $1500
The Magnetron is Yuri's answer to long range defensive structures. It can use its magnetic beam to wreck enemy base defenses from well outside their range. When facing enemy vehicles, the Magnetron can levitate and pull them towards itself. An exceptional ability which allows Yuri's other units and defenses to steal the minds of the enemy without putting themselves at risk.

Lasher Light Tank Lasher Light Tank - Cost: $800
Yuri's customized Lasher is a sleek, streamlined tank. Although moderately armored, its speed makes it ideal for devastating, hit-and-run attacks, and is also excellent as a "first-response team" for dealing with enemy vehicles knocking on your door. However, the Lasher performs poorly against infantry; its shell doesn't damage them much, so keep them clear of enemy GIs and Conscripts.

Floating Disc Floating Disc - Cost: $1750
To this day, not even top Soviet and Allied intelligence agents have determined the origin of Yuri's Floating Disc. Looking like it zoomed straight out of some '50s sci-fi flick, the Floating Disc is a sort of outerspace sapper unit whose transport beam can be used to drain energy from enemy power plants or credits from a refinery. An intelligently deployed Floating Disc can short out an enemy's power as a first-strike measure and its small laser beam can vaporize infantry and damage vehicles if they happen to get nosy.

Chaos Drone Chaos Drone - Cost: $800
This small vehicle emits a poisonous mist, making enemy units attack one another before attacking you.

Gattling Tank Gattling Tank - Cost: $800
The Gattling Tank has two 50mm cannons, which fire deadly missiles at high rates, thus killing enemy air units and infantry very quickly. The most special thing about this unit is that the longer it attacks, the more damage it dishes out, making it a wonderful unit for long combats. However it is let down slightly by its light armour and can be easilly overwhelmed by quick moving air strikes.

Master Mind Master Mind - Cost: $600
This unit is another product of Yuri's mind control technology. It mind controls all units withing its range, however it only has the capacity to safely control 3 units, after that it starts loosing structural integrity and will eventually destroy itself unless the additional units are destroyed.

Yuri MCV Yuri MCV - Cost: $3000
An MCV is the movable version of the Construction Yard, when it is in a suitable location it can be deployed. These are expensive, slow and heavily armoured, but not as tough as when it is deployed.

Hover Transport Hover Transport - Cost: $900
The AT can carry 12 infantry or 4 vehicles over land and sea. It has no weapons but can crush enemy infantry. It is not invisible to radar like the Allied NHT and quite slow.




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