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Cyborg Reaper Cyborg Reaper - Cost: $1100
The Cyborg Reaper is a Cyborg torso attached to an all-terrain walker base. It is equiped with anti-personal netting which traps infantry while the dual cluster-missile cannons finish them off. The Reaper can heal in Tiberium.
Fist Of Nod Fist Of Nod - Cost: $1800
The Mobile War Factory allows commanders to take the battle to the enemy, this slow moving, heavily armoured vehicle will reduce the time needed to get reinforcements from your base to the enemies'. When deployed it turns into a War Factory (as if you hadn't guessed) and can take quite a battering before being destroyed by any passing enemy units.

Mobile Stealth Generator Mobile Stealth Generator - Cost: $1000
The Mobile Stealth Generator is a smaller version of the stationary Stealth Generator, allowing you to conceal outposts and attacks without the need for expensive structures. Its drawbacks are its slow speed, light armour, small cloaking field and the need to deploy to function (as movements seem to interfere with the stealth field).

Limpet Drone Limpet Drone - Cost: $550
The Limpet Drone is primarily used as a scouting unit although does have some defencive propities as well. When the Drone is deployed, it buries itself into the ground and activates a cloaking field. It then waits for a vehicle to pass over it and then BAM! It welds itself to the bottom of the unit and begins playing around with the electronics, making the unit slow to a crawl and relaying images back to you.




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