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Announced: 9th July 2009
Release: 16th March 2010

Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight brings the 15-year Tiberium storyline to an epic conclusion. Set in 2062 following the events Tiberium Wars the game ties together many unexplained plot threads and we are guaranteed a conclusive ending to the saga. With Tiberium entering its next evolutionary state, rapidly expanding across the Earth and rendering our home world all but uninhabitable; the very fate of the human race hangs in the balance. Just as this sense of impending apocalypse reaches its apex, the always-enigmatic Kane resurfaces and heads straight for GDI headquarters. Kane meets with GDI high command claiming he can control Tiberium, stabilise the Earth, and give humanity a future. That's just in the prologue we saw in the teaser trailer.

Flash forward 15 years, and the world is enjoying the benefits of Kane's Tiberium Control Network. It's a new Golden Age, is what it is, a utopia of gleaming cities, cheap cars and low taxes. But is everything as it seems? Some still question Kane's ultimate motives. Who is he? What does he REALLY want? And what of The Forgotten, that tribe of humans heavily mutated by Tiberium? Stresses with the alliance build, and soon enough fractures appear. NOD and GDI are set against each other once again.

C&C4 features a class-based RPG-esque system. Within your chosen faction you can choose between three classes: The first orientated towards offense tank-oriented and focused on frontline combat, secondly the "defence class," emphasises infantry, bunkers, and turrets. Finally the "support class" is based around utilizing a selection of aircraft and custom vehicles. The game will also feature persistent player profiles across single player, skirmish and online modes allowing you to unlock new units and technologies are you progress through the game.

Tiberian Twilight was developed by EA in Los Angeles.

Studio Downsizing

In November 2009, 4 months before the release of the game, it was revealed that the development team would fall victim to a massive 1,500 staff and 12 title cutback at EA's studios in Los Angeles, Maxis and Pandemic. Several staff members unwittingly confirmed this in their personal Facebook statuses and started the leave the studio prior to launch in February and March 2010.

The only response to come from the studio was a post on the message boards by community manager Apoc stating that the team was extra-motivated to make Tiberian Twilight the best C&C game so far....but it makes you wonder how determined one can be with this in the back of one’s mind.




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