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Cryo Legionnaire Cryo Legionnaire
Armed with a portable version of the Cryocopter's weapon capable of freezing enemy units. Whilst frozen they become brittle and can easily be shattered by even the weakest unit. This unit's cryo suit is extremely resilient to damage and also capable of crossing water thanks to FutureTech's innovative Tundralest leggings.
No Image Boost Kick
Using the heat stored in their backpacks, the legionnaire can propel himself into the air. The weight of the suit does limit the distance that can be travelled, however it does have the advantage of being able to crush infantry upon landing.

Harbinger Gunship Harbinger Gunship
This high-tech aircraft is the pride of the Allied Air fleet powered by the same technology as the Proton Collider. Its main weapon can decimate structures and armour in a matter of seconds whilst its nose-mounted chain gun makes short work of any infantry unfortunate enough to be under the flight path. It's unique power source also means it has a limitless supply of fuel, but is also highly volatile, slow and extremely expensive.

Pacifier FAV Pacifier FAV
The Field Artillery Vehicle fills an unforeseen gap in the allied arsenal for a more traditional artillery unit. It is equipped with the devastating Grand Cannon to barrage targets from long range while its all-terrain hover chassis means not even naval positions are safe!

Unknown Unknown
There are no details about this mysterious unit.




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