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American Paradrop American Paradrop - Cost: $0
When the Americans build an AFC, they gain the ability to paradrop 5 GIs anywhere on the battlefield every few minutes. If the transport plane is shot down by enemy AA fire then all of your paratroopers are lost.

French Grand Cannon French Grand Cannon - Cost: $2000
The Grand Cannon is, as the name suggests, a large defensive cannon. These huge defensive instalments can obliterate an attack force before they even get near to your Prism Towers! Constructing a number of these will allow you to re-create the Maginot Line. However they have slow reload times and are aiming takes some time.

German Tank Destroyer German Tank Destroyer - Cost: $900
The Tank Destroyer is designed exclusively to inflict huge damage on enemy armour, and although the tank is very similar in terms of speed and strength to the Grizzly, it can inflict huge damage. An elite tank destroyer can take out most vehicles in one shot. However the tank destroyer is absolutely useless against infantry and structures.

British Sniper British Sniper - Cost: $600
The sniper has an excellent range, allowing him to easily take out enemy infantry from distance in a single shot. Before they achieve veteran or elite status, the sniper takes quite a long time to reload, and so once you kill an enemy unit, it is best to hide them in wooded areas.

Korean Black Eagle Korean Black Eagle - Cost: $1200
The Korean Black Eagle is a superior version of a Harrier, with a better endurance to survive damage, and their missiles are more powerful.

Russian Tesla Tank Russian Tesla Tank - Cost: $1200
The Russian Tesla tank is a large ground vehicle that fires a powerful Tesla charge, which is effective against vehicles and infantry alike. The Tesla tank is also capable of firing over enemy walls, as the electricity arcs to reach its target. However they are not very powerful and are lightly armoured.

Cuban Terrorist Cuban Terrorist - Cost: $1500
This loyal infantry is prepared to die for his country. He has C4s strapped to his body and when he is shot at or deployed, he will explode, taking nearby units with him - including friendlies!

Libyan Demolition Truck Libyan Demolition Truck - Cost: $1500
The Demo Truck is basically a small nuke with wheels. This nuclear blast is not as powerful as the Soviet Nuclear Missile, but is extremely effective against infantry units and weak structures, such as power plants. However the truck is very expensive, quite slow, and takes a long time to accelerate, making it vulnerable to being destroyed before it reaches the target.

Iraqi Desolator Iraqi Desolator - Cost: $600
The Desolator has two main forms of attack. He can fire a powerful radiation cannon that turns enemy infantry units into green slime, thanks to a very cool animation. However the second attack of the Desolator is the most deadly, as when deployed he poisons a vast section of terrain. This turns the ground green with nuclear fallout, making it impassable for enemy infantry. However in this mode, the Desolator cannot defend himself.




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