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Guardian GI Guardian GI - Cost: $400
The Guardian GI uses the same weapon as the standard GI when not deployed, although the Guardian GI is much slower, and costs twice the amount. However when deployed the Guardian GI erects a concrete barrier around himself which renders him uncrushable and a formidable tank-aircraft defence as a result of the powerful rockets which they fire.

Navy Seal Navy Seal - Cost: $1000
The SEAL is now buildable to the Allies, he carries a machine gun and is very good against infantry and tanks, he is also able to swim and plant C4s like Tanya. However, unlike Tanya unlimited numbers of Seals can be trained and when they are trained, all players will hear their call when they complete their training.

Tanya Tanya - Cost: $1500
Now Tanya is no longer classed as a civilian, but a hero unit. She is now uncrushable, psychic immune and her health regenerates. Tanya can now place C4 on vehicles.

Battle Fortress Battle Fortress - Cost: $2000
"Slow Moving Scotish Death". This huge APC can crush almost anything (including tanks!) Upto 5 infantry can travel in this vehicle and they can shoot their weapon out of one of the many portholes. It also has a small machine gun on the front which fires whether it is carrying infantry or not.

Robot Tank Robot Tank - Cost: $600
The allied Robot Tank was designed to be invincible against Yuri's mind control powers, and because there is no pilot on board, the unit cannot be captured by Psychic towers or Masterminds. The Robot tank is weak and annoying in ground combat, but they are the best choice for taking out Mastermind units. However despite all of their flaws, they have one crucial advantage, which is that they hover, and so can cross water. This means that they are excellent at taking out vessels, which would previously be immune, especially the dreadnought and aircraft carrier. This means that boats are suddenly very vulnerable.




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