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Red Alert 2 had been rumoured on the C&C Websites and Newsgroups for a long time before Westwood finally decided to confirm the production of the game. Prima Games, before the time news was released on April 27th 2000, had already advertised the strategy guide for RA2 on numerous sites including Amazon. Westwood said that they planned the April 27th date from a few months ago and the adverts of the strategy guide had nothing to do with it (although they did come as a surprise).

Now for more about the game itself:

Red Alert 2 takes place a few years after the end of Red Alert. The Allies have won the war against the Soviets and Josef Stalin and have placed their own person in control of the Soviets. His name is General Romanov and the allies hope that he will bring sanity back to Russia. Romanov has different ideas. He is outraged at Stalin's failure and still has memories of the Allies marching through his home town. He began building the Soviets into a war machine. The Allies do nothing.

Base under siege

When a civil war breaks out in Mexico (one of the Soviet states) Romanov is quick to deploy his troops to the field to stop trouble. The allies expected this but didn't expect the events that followed. Soon after Romanov's troops move into Mexico early-warning defence systems started shutting down across the United States. Romanov's troops also move into California, Arizona and Texas and place strange beacons everywhere they go. Some citizens complain of severe headaches while some decide to join the Soviet forces.

New York  in trouble

The President of the United States is shocked at what has happened and has no other choice but to declare war on the Soviet Union. He gives the orders for a full nuclear attack against Russia but nothing happens. The missiles just stay in their silos. Intelligence then reports that the Soviets have developed special soldiers that are able to control people's minds. The United States and the Allies are crippled.

If you play as Allies you'll have to defend the United States from destruction by the Soviets and if you play as the Soviets you'll have to invade the United States and make the Allies pay for the destruction of mother Russia.

A Cow
A target for Yuri

Red Alert was developed by Westwood Studios in Las Vegas and Irvine, California for Electronic Arts.




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