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Soviets - Mission 3 'Let's Make A Steal'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy all Allied forces.

In this mission, you will start out with Volkov and Chitzkoi. First, head south down the corridor and east and use Volkov to activate the buttons. Watch out for those Allied soldiers, they should be easy to kill with Chitzkoi. Avoid Pillboxes until later. Head north again and go east. Kill all the scientists and soldiers and activate all the equipment with Volkov and go east again. Kill everyone and go south at the junction. Watch out for the Pillbox because Chitzkoi might leap right next to it because of the soldiers.

Anyway, ignore the bullets and head South then west where the nuclear generator is. Feed everyone to the dog and go south to see Einstein, eat him. But activate the generator, it will give you a time limit of 45 minutes. Find all of the control panels to make explosions. When you stumble on a room with a lot of your trapped soldiers, let the Grenadier free himself and try to free the Shock Trooper. With those reinforcements, take out the rest of the Allies in that room.

If not done quick enough, the Allies will use Toxic Gas to take out the soldiers in their "Torture Chamber". Since Volkov has Self Healing, always put him in the front. When he gets hurt to much, run away and he will slowly repair himself, like Mammoth Tanks. Then find the place where a Healing Crate is and grab it if you must and continue west.

Activate the final control panel and infiltrate the War Factory for a Phase Transport. Now you have to get out of here. Go Northeast through the exit.
Mission Accomplished.




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