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Soviets - Mission 4 'Test Drive'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Destroy all Allied forces.

When you start this mission, you will begin with Volkov and the Phase Transport. Put Volkov in the transport for now. Then head north. Attack the tanks. If you get low on health, retreat and wait for your tank to heal for a little while. Then, strike again. When you are destroying the two tanks, infantry might arrive. Then take Volkov out and let him shoot them all down for tanks do poor on infantry.

When you destroy the two tanks, you will receive a reinforcement of some Rifle Infantry and two Engineers so do not destroy the town. After that, head North with your Phase Transport. Don't attempt to attack a tank or an army of tank will come. Take your Phase Transport in and deploy Volkov. Use Volkov to kill the soldiers. Then C-4 everything. Then destroy the AA-Guns with your Phase Transport for some Shock Troopers and some FlameThrowers.

Now your target is the Radar Dome to the Southeast. Follow the road to the Southeast and enter and destroy all the AA-Guns for some more reinforcements. Use Volkov again to C-4 like crazy and take out the Allied infantry. Now send Volkov and his Transport north and destroy the defenses. After you take them out, concentrate on destroying the Allied Navy.

Use the Submarine reinforcements and send them as far as they could while being still in range with the ships. Then select each one individually and take them out. Finish off any surviving tanks/units.
Mission Accomplished.




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