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Soviets - Mission 1 'Proving Grounds'

Mission Objectives

  • Objective 1: Go from point to point,
  • Objective 2: Destroy Cruisers.

When you start this mission, sell the Tech Center. Now, with some extra cash, get some Grenadiers and head north. Kill the three Allied Soldiers and make your way South from there. Then head East and North to the Signal Flare. You will discover three Ore Refineries complete with Ore Trucks. Send the three Ore Trucks and start mining.

In a little while, some Rocket Soldiers will appear from the East of your base, ready to wreak havoc. Send the soldiers that you took from your original refuge and kill them, or wait for them to come near and run them over with an Ore Truck. With your troops, head North to the next Signal Flare.

When there, build two Mammoth Tanks and head West to the final signal flare. On your way there, they will have a special treat for you, a horde of tanks and an APC filled with Rocket Soldiers!! Use your Mammoth Tanks to take them out. Don't worry to rest a little while at the end of that battle for the Mammoth Tanks have self-healing.

When you are fighting that battle, some sneaky Allied Thieves will arrive to your Ore Refineries. Smash them before they do much damage. Also, some Yaks and MiGs will attack your base, the first one, so expect that. When you reach the Signal Flare, another Flare will appear in the South. When you venture there, two Small Tanks will attack you. Destroy them.

When you get nearer to your flare, Cruisers will arrive and tanks will still block your path. Destroy the Tanks and continue south. When you arrive to your destination, send a Submarine and attack the Destroyers.

You will notice that their missiles are nuclear so use them cautiously. Build some Airfields at your War Factory area of the base. Use them to take out the annoying Cruisers.
Mission Accomplished.




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