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Mission 1 'Rio Insurrection'


The slums of Rio seethe with anger, anger against GDI. It would take but a single act to spur the disenfranchsied masses into open insurrection.

An act you must perform.

Tear down GDI's authoritarian edifices, the symbols of their autocracy. Seize the radio stations and flood the airwaves with the Prophet's message.

Incite rebellion.

Rio will burn, and in the flames, Kane's army shall be reborn.

Mission Objectives

  • Primary 1: Destroy GDI Administration Centers.
  • Primary 2: Destroy Splinter Faction Construction Yard.
  • Bonus 1: Capture GDI Radio Stations.
  • Bonus 2: Defend Captured Radio Stations.

This mission is pretty easy and is almost impossible to fail. Start off by building a crane and an emissary from your Con Yard and queue up a harvester, a raider buggy, and four attack bikes. When your emissary is finished, start building another one then send it and your harvester to the southeast. Start building two refineries and set up your emissary on the bottom tibierium field.

Once you place your refineries, a few APCs will show up. Have your buggies act as a meat shield while your six attack bikes destroy the APCs. Set up your emissary on the eastern tibierum field, and build three refineries on each as well as another harvester.

When your economy is set up, you can begin building your army. Build two war factories and one barrack, then spam Raider Buggies and Militant Rocket Squads. Send them around the map destroying the GDI Administration centers, but save the one in the west for now. Build four engineers and send them into the radio stations. Pomyu informed me that you only need to have one surviving radio station in order to fulfill the bonus objectives, basically meaning that you don't have to defend them if you rush the Construction Yard, which is what we are doing. Cancel your queues, gather your rocket troops in the northwest, and send only your raider buggies to take out the GDI Administration Center.

As soon as it is destroyed, the map will expand and you'll be told that you have to take out a splinter faction. Send all of your rocket troops and raider buggies to the northwest and destroy the stealth generators there. Activate Power Signature Scan and focus on the Construction Yard.




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